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United States

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Graffiti by Paige Hartman

May 27, 2014

PROMPT: Graffiti


Graffiti is art but some people do take it out of hand. Some people spray paint on people's properties and also on abandoned properties that have a sign saying "no trespassing". In a way graffiti shouldn't be illegal, mostly because if a loved one died in a car wreck or something they express how they feel by spray painting (R.I.P) or ( you will be missed) but that's when people start to say they can just buy a cross for them, maybe some people don't want to buy a cross ( or maybe they do), what if they just want to spray paint and graffiti about the lost so the graffiti can be there a long time. Crosses don't last forever you know, spray painting and doing graffiti lasts way longer than buying a generic cross. On another note, doing graffiti on trains is vandalism, even though a lot of people can see the graffiti when the train goes by, you still shouldn't graffiti on trains, that's where I see no point in doing. If you doing graffiti about a loved one that you lost then that's a different story and should be okay. This is my opinion on graffiti. Thank you.


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