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August 20, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

    All is quiet for a brief moment. The heavy, dark clouds above are unmoving as the world awaits the inevitable downpour. Suddenly, a quick flash illuminates the sky with a strong flash of bluish, silvery light that glides along the darkened clouds, casting a glow along them for only a moment until the light fades away. The details of the storm clouds are outlined in the rapid shine of light; from below, the clouds seem smooth and the only rough shadows are the overlaps of two clouds.
    Another flash ignites the clouded sky, barely seconds after the first. Moments pass, the small suburban town in which the storm hovers over awaits an unknown fortune. Suddenly, following the two lightning strikes, are loud claps proceeded by distance rumbling. The sounds echo, the rumbling trailing on for seconds later until once again, all is silent.
    A first drop of rain falls from the sky. It doesn't take long for yet another to follow. Gradually, pellets of water begin to drop from the overfilled clouds faster and faster until the hard pelts are a constant song. Puddles begin to overflow the streets, and ripples decorate the water as each drop zips down from the sky. Another lightning strike brightens the gray, blotted sky. The music of the rain seems silent compared to the deafening roar of thunder.
    As the storm becomes more vicious, people retreat to their warm and dry homes. Each drop of rain is cold and chilly, in contrast to the warm summer temperature. The rain tastes fresh and cool when it lands on my tongue, refreshing even.  
    The melody of a thunderstorm plays out. The pelting rain slows to a drizzle. The crashes of each thunderclap grow weaker until they have vanished. The strikes of lightning cease to obscure the sky in their dazzling flashes of light. The ripples in the puddles caused by the soft drizzle of the rain become less frequent, until eventually the rain stops altogether. As the melody fades, the town is left with an earthy petrichor scent, signifying that it has been long since the small town has seen a storm.
    The thunderstorm having passed, the world is once again quiet: bored and relieved at the same time. 


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1 Comment
  • AbigailSauble

    Very well done! I could see everything with perfect clarity! At the end you said 'bored and relieved at the same time.' It is true that thunderstorms are very exciting, pardon the pun, 'electric'. And afterwards, life seems to slow down once again. :)
    Thank you for this wonderful composition!
    God bless!

    over 3 years ago