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Saved by The Dragon (Clarisse's Story, Par.9)

August 19, 2017


     Clarisse walked out of her cabin, her training supplies dangling down from her hand. Before she reached her group, Chiron walked in front of her.
​"Clarisse La Rue, I think its time we talked."
​She followed him into his office in the big house, Dionysus snoring in a chair in the corner. She turned her attention to Chiron, who had a very upset look upon his face. He looked at her, and blurted out his question.
​"Do you know who Jake Mason is?"
​Clarisse nodded.
​"He's my best friend. Why? What does he have to do with any-"
"He went missing."
​   These words hit Clarisse like a bomb blast, turning her world upside down over night. Chiron had explained all he knew about his disappearance, which was nothing. Clarisse knew that she had to find him, but why would Jake disappear? Just the night before, they were happily watching fireworks on their hill. Would she ever get to see him again?
​   She woke up early that morning, getting a bag packed for whatever journey was ahead for her. She packed at least 3 granola bars, 2 cokes, 8 cracker packets, and some apples. When she was ready, she opened the door, only to be greeted by a familiar smile.
​"Hey babe," Ryker said, smiling.
​   The sun was shining down on his hair, almost making it glow. His beautiful green eyes gave Clarisse a feeling of hope, and belief. He was here...but she smacked him anyways.
​"Ow!" Ryker yelped, "What was that for?"
​Clarisse narrowed her eyes on him.
​"Guess, genius. You don't know how much pain..-"
​She stopped talking, knowing this wasn't going to do her any good. She was a daughter of Ares, confessing that she had been hurt?​ Please. Nice try, but not today. Not ever again. Without another word, she walked out past him, heading to the entrance of the camp. Ryker grabbed her wrist from behind.
​"Clarisse, wait."
​She sighed, looking at him.
​"What? Don't you have a girlfriend to go look after?"
​His eyes were almost pleading when he said this next thing to her.
​"Please, let me explain."
​Clarisse jerked her wrist away.
​"Ryker, listen to me, and listen good. I never want to see you again, do you understand? Just leave me be, and never talk to me again! I hate you!"
​Ryker stared at her, his mouth opened just a little. His eyes had died down of color, his bright glowing that Clarisse had always seen in him disappearing. He took her hand up to his face, and kissed it. Before saying another word, Ryker walked away. The sun still shining down on him. His hair still blowing in the wind. Clarisse's heart, still within his reach. It was only a matter of time, before their love, would be lost forever.
​   Clarisse couldn't stand to watch him leave. She turned on her heel, marching out of the entrance, and into the mortal world, where danger is always growing. Once she reached the city, she pulled out her phone, hoping if she called Jake he might answer. It was ringing.
​"​The number you dialed is not working. Please listen to hear other options-"
​Clarisse shut her phone with a sigh.
​"Well....There is only one thing to do now."
​    Minutes later, Clarisse got off the phone with an old friend of hers. She new it was last minute to call in a favor, but hey. It was worth a shot. Seconds later, a huge creature flew over-head. She watched it come to a stop in front of her with a smile. It was a dragon. But not just a dragon.
​"Hey Festus, buddy," she said with a grin.
​Then, Leo Valdez poked his head out from behind Festus's head.
​"It's good to see you to Clarisse," he said, with the same grin.
​Festus was a robot.
​   Leo helped Clarisse up onto Festus before they started flying through the sky once again. Clarisse had forgotten what it felt like to have the wind in her hair. She had forgotten the smell of the wind. She had forgotten how it had felt to finally The last time she did, it was when her and her mother played together in their yard. Always chasing after one another, sun beaming down on them both. It was memories like this, Clarisse would never forget.
​  "So," Leo said, crashing into her silence, "Who we lookin' for?"
​"My friend, Jake Mason. He's also your brother."
​Leo's eyes widened.
​"I didn't know he was missing! Gosh, I DO miss a lot!"
She sighed.
​"Valdez, ​focus! ​How do you sugest we find him?"
​Leo looked at her with a grin.
​"Well, I recently added a tracking device to my boy Festus here. We just need a scent. Do you have anything?"
​Clarisse smiled, pulling Jake's hat that he gave to Clarisse when they were both seven.
​"Will this work?"
​He nodded, putting it in front of Festus, soaring through the air.
​"Smell this, bud."
​Festus made a clanking noise, so I think he sniffed it. Moments later, Festus started flying a different direction in the wind.
​"Jake, were coming for you, pal," Leo said.
​     A few hours later, the sun had died down. Clarisse was half asleep when she felt Leo snoring on her. She punched him awake.
​"CRAXZY COUSINS!" he shouted.
​She raised an eyebrow at him.
​"Hehe..." he chuckled nervously, "I think we should stop somewhere for the night." 
​Festus landed in a huge park, surrounded by trees. He went to sleep next to the benches, while Leo took the trees. Clarisse laid by the trees, her eyes not wanting to sleep. Before she knew it, the tree spirits started to play with her head. A shadow figure morphed into a human, that resembled Ryker.
​"If you just let me explain...everything will be okay..." it whispered.
​Clarisse stared at the figure, tears in eyes.
​"I don't want to get hurt again..."
​The figure crouched next to her.
​"With me, your never alone...come home to me...I'll protect you..."
​Clarisse rubbed her eyes. When she opened them, the figure s\was morphed into another human being. It was Jake.
​"Clarisse....why haven't you found you not want to find me?..." it whispered.
​She cried silently.
​"Of course I wanna find you, Jake! Your my family! My friend!"
​The figure moved closer to her.
​"So its don't feel the same you?..."
​Clarisse tilted her head to the side, trying to understand.
​"What...what do you mean?" she asked it
​Before she got an answer, the figure disappeared, leaving her alone. She held her knees to her chest, burying her face in her knees. She wrapped her arms around her legs, wanting everything. She wanted Jake back. She wanted her mom here. She wanted...she wanted Ryker back. But everything was almost as if it had to be a challenge. It was stuck on hard mode, and she couldn't do anything about it...she was lost. And never to be found.
     Before she knew it, Leo was standing over her, shaking her awake. The sun was still rising, the birds chirping, and the dew on the grass was soaking the sleeves of her jacket.
​"Wake up, C. We got to get moving. Festus still had the track on Jake," Leo said, holding his tool belt that is strapped onto his waist. Clarisse and Leo were eventually on the move again, flying in the sky. She dug an apple out of her bag, and happily finished it, the sweet and sour taste in her mouth. She handed Leo one, and together they ate their breakfast.
​     Clarisse remembered the tree spirits from last night, and what they had said to her. She was still curious about what 'Jake' meant, but she'll have to wait and find out. Throughout there ride in the air, Leo kept on blabbing about all of his funniest building fails. And, some of his most proudest achievements.
​"-Leo?" she cut in.
​He stopped talking, and looked at her.
​"Are you strapped onto Festus right now?" she asked, hiding her grin.
​"Yes, I am. Why-"
She kicked him off.
​Leo sighed, dangling from his rope below Festus.
​Clarisse sighed with satisfaction, waiting for Festus to find Jake's location.
​     It wasn't long before they landed. Clarisse had cut Leo's rope when they were a few inches away from a lake. Once Leo got to shore, he wringed out his clothes.
​"Your a mean, mean person," he grumbled.
​"Couldn't of said it better myself," she said with an evil smirk.
​    Leo stopped complaining when he saw where Festus had landed. Clarisse raised and eyebrow, turning around to meet their destination. It was where Ryker had been captured before...Nyx's home.
​   Clarisse's knees were shaking as they grew closer to the entrance of the cave.
​"Um...I don't wanna go in there," Leo said.
​Clarisse turned to him.
​"Boo hoo. I don't either, but Jake is in there."
Leo sighed, kicking a rock.
​"I really need a vacation," he grumbled.
​Clarisse rolled her eyes as her and Leo walked into the darkness of the cave.
​     Clarisse told Leo to wait by the entrance, but he didn't complain. She walked further in the cave, recognizing the dark feeling. When she had come to rescue Ryker, he almost died. She was praying to her father, Ares, that she didn't try to do that stunt again. Not before long, she saw Jake. He was stuck in a cage, sitting there.
​"Jake!," she whisper-yelled.
​He looked up, his eyes wide.
​"Clarisse! But how did you-"
​"That doesn't matter now," she said, "Lets focus on getting you out of here."
​   "I wouldn't do that, girl."
​Clarisse spun around, to see the shadows turning into a figure. Nyx was standing over her, smiling.
​"How good to see you again."
​Jake snarled behind Clarisse.
​"Touch her, I dare you! Go back to the shadows from where you came!"
​Clarisse grabbed a sword off the wall, and swung it right through her.
​"Idiot. Did you really think you could fight the shadows."
​Leo walked in, eating the rest of his bag of chips.
​"Do you know where I can park Festus without getting a ticket-" his eyes widened.
​Leo slowly backed out of the cave without another word.
Clarisse didn't pack her mothers glowing stone...that was the only other way she knew to defeat Nyx. Nyx picked up a rock, and hit her on the head. Clarisse's world went black.
​"NO!" Jake screamed.
​    10 minutes later, Clarisse woke up, herself in a cage facing Jake's. Her vision was dizzy when she tried to focus on him.
​"Clarisse!," his voice echoed, "Hey, can you hear me?"
​Once her vison was focused, she felt something trickle down her head. She felt it. She looked at her fingers, and saw blood. Clarisse waited for a sign. She needed to know that this wasn't the end. She needed to know...or she would die knowing she wasn't strong. She wasn't the hero she promised her mother she was. She wasn't daddy's little soldier out there on the battlefield. She was a coward. And a weak one, too.
​   She laid her head on the side of the cage, listening to Jake cry. He was on his knees, pleading for her to keep her eyes open. Saying that she was all he had...she was all he ever had. She waited for a change. A sign. Something.
​   Seconds later, a banging sound came from the entrance of the cave. Clarisse slowly turned her head to see what she thought was only a dream. Festus came running through the entrance, Leo riding on his back. Next to Leo, was Ryker. He held his sword in the air, charging at his mother. Festus stomped on her, weakening Nyx's strength.
​"Agh!! This is why I hate PETS!" she yelped.
When she was weak enough, ​Ryker swung his sword through her, making her compose a scream
that echoed throughout the cave walls. Leo got out a net from his belt, and threw it over Nyx, making it impossible for her to escape. Only for a matter of time.
​   Ryker turned his attention to Clarisse.
​"Ryker...?" she asked, her consciousness fading away slowly. He grabbed the keys, and frantically opened hers up. He carried her out, wrapping leather from the Apollo cabin around her cut. Tears streamed down his face, making it hard to see. Leo gave Festus a high five, or something that resembled it. Clarisse started to sob.
​"Ryker...I am so sorry. I didn't mean what I said. I.."
​"Hey..Its okay Clarisse. I'll explain everything once we get back to camp."
​She nodded, falling asleep in his arms. He laid her on Festus, while Ryker went to get Jake out of his cage. When he got over there, he gasped. Jake wasn't in his cage. He turned, to see Nyx holding him, by his shirt.
​"You betrayed me, son," she said wearily.
​"I'm not your son! What you did wasn't right. I had no other choice."
​Ryker shook his head.
​"You don't have to do this...come on, Nyx. Let Jake go."
​She winced.
​"Sorry. Can't do that."
​   Clarisse sat up, and looked over.
​"Ryker, I'm cold..-"
​She saw Jake and Nyx. Her eyes widened. Without hesitation, she hopped off of Festus, and sprinted in his direction. As she ran, memories of them when they were little floated into her mind.
​"Clarisse, stop!"
​Clarisse laughed as she ate the last raspberry.
​"Fine, fine. But I know you like her, silly. You're always talking about her."
​Jake rolled his eyes, his 6 year old smile growing.
​"I have a crush on someone else," he said, blushing.
​Clarisse sat forward.
"​Who? ​You gotta tell me now!" 
Jake chuckled.
​"Cant. It's a secret. You'll find out one day, though."
Clarisse shrugged.
"It better be good."
Jake smiled at her.

​   Clarisse ignored the pain in her head. She kept racing over to him, half way across the cave. As she did, another memory appeared.

"Merry Christmas, Clarisse!"
​Clarisse smiled, unwrapping her present.
She pulled out a green cap. She always loved caps, and the color green.
​She smiled at him, putting it on.
​"That's, bro."
He smiled.
​"Merry Christmas," he replied.
​He looked up, and they were under a mistletoe.
​Clarisse blushed when she looked at Ryker.
​She laughed, running over to the kitchen in Ryker's apartment when his dad was handing
​out the fresh Christmas cookies.
​He just smiled at her as she enjoyed her cookies.
​"Maybe one day.." he muttered, before joining her.
​     As she ran, she began to realize. ​Jake....Jake loves me.​ She ran faster and faster, every second counting. When she reached them, Jake looked her in the eye. She met them. A silence filled the cave. Jake whispered something that he had told Clarisse the first time they met, when she was just a scared little girl, who had just lost her mother.
​"Don't go," he whispered.
​Clarisse nodded. She took out her dagger, and threw it at Nyx. It landed right in her chest. She yelled, stumbling backwards. Jake pulled away from her grip, as Leo opened up a huge hole of fire behind her. Nyx fell in, and Leo closed it.
​"Gosh, I miss out on a LOT," he said, grinning.
​Clarisse looked at Jake. He smiled.
​"Thanks bestie."
​   She smiled, pulling him into a hug. He chuckled, wrapping his arms around her. She remembered another memory as they hugged.

​"Yes Jake?"
​Eight year old Jake blushed, smiling at her.
​"Will you marry me?"
​Clarisse laughed, staring at him.
​Jake grinned.
​"My first rule as Husband, is that we go swimming. Race you to the lake?"
​She smirked.
​"Your on!"

​      Clarisse pulled away from him, smiling. He smiled back. Ryker walked over to Clarisse when Leo helped Jake onto Festus.
​"Listen, I know you hate me...but I-"
She stopped him with a kiss.
​When he pulled away, she grinned.
​"Let's go home."
​Ryker agreed, holding her hand as they walked back over to Festus.
​  Minutes later, they were all riding on Festus on their journey back home. Leo and Jake fantasizing about new projects to build, and Clarisse and Ryker restraining themselves to kick them both off. Leo smiled at his crew as they rode on Festus.
​"I love a happy ending. Right Festus?"
​Festus made another clanking sound.
​"No, your stupid!"
​Minutes later, Leo was once again dangling in the sky, when Festus kicked him off.
​"Joy.." he muttered.
​Clarisse grinned at her two best friends.
​"Yup. This is a happy ending."
​    They soared through the sky, on their journey back to camp. Journey back to friends. Journey back to ​home.

​my advice is to go to this link, and fast-forward it to 18:00 minutes in, and read the Clarisse memory parts with her and Jake. Its the best, you wont regret it.


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