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I am a 16 year high school student in Torrance, California that loves poetry, being a "poetic DJ" (my way of saying I'm a writer), nature, learning, sports, and reading. #blessed

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I don't call myself a writer. I call myself a "poetic DJ". I write from the compassion of my heart and the unequivocally interesting knowledge and thoughts of my brain. Enjoy my work!

An Ode to Pi

August 30, 2015

PROMPT: The Unknown

I don't know much about...math. I think many can agree on that, but we all do know one thing in common about math: Pi. That infintely running number everyone confuses for an all-time favorite dessert and even has its own day for math enthusiasts and fanatics alike to celebrate the unique number. The number that no thing has seen the end of ever, but there's actually a poetic beauty to this monstronsity of a number when given deeper analysis. If we were to truly think about Pi not as a number, bur rather a book, we would see that Pi is a neverending book. However, this book is more than just a regular book you buy on Amazon or at Barnes and Nobles. This book is priceless. When we convert all of those infinitely running numbers into words, we get a book that never ends in length...and in literary beauty. Because of Pi's length, it contains everything humans know...and don't know. It contains the name of the love of your life. It contains how, where, and why you die. It contains the answers to all of life's biggest questions. It contains the answer to itself. It contains how the world will end. It contains the answers to all of your homework assignments, quizzes, tests, finals, essential essay questions, SAT questions, ACT questions, and the interview questions that will land you your dream job. We are all scared by what we know, but we are even more scared of what we don't know. Pi contains the entire worlds of both realities: what is known and what is unknown. And we see the entirety of both worlds in one number every single day, but not even realize it. If that isn't unequivocally scary and exciting and poetically beautiful and vindicating at the same time, I don't know what is. 


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