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This is entirely a true story.

And The LORD Parted the Clouds

August 27, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing


The thunder roared outside of our house. Lightning flashed illuminating the fields and trees. The clouds were so thick and dark

you might not be able to tell that above that all, it was daytime. The house shook again and again. I watched the rain beat

down upon the road, several meters from our house. Cars drove by at snails pace, in a vicious attempt not to slip and crash

during the treacherous storm. I heard a stick crack ominously as the brutal unrelenting wind blew it down to the ground. Our

chickens dwell in our fields, I feared for them more than for my family. The winds were so strong, it could blow the pens away,

leaving the chickens to waste away from cold and fear. After all, we had nothing to fear. Right above our house, the clouds

were parted, leaving us and our house completely dry.



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  • Kaitlyn ❄

    I know, right. We were all astounded.

    about 3 years ago
  • RedWriter


    about 3 years ago