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hi there! i'm sarah — chaser of sun/starlight, portrait photographer, junior & training in classical piano. words are my everything.


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August 18, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

For a few precious minutes in the early morning, time comes to a standstill.
Light spatters onto the edge of the sky’s massive canvas and beings to trace its way across the sky, pink and blue hues intertwined together in a perfectly choreographed ballet to unwritten music that sweeps through my heart and leaves me breathless. Birds begin to sing. The first bits of sunlight scatter themselves onto the ground unveiling millions of twinkling dewdrops. A cooling wind moves through the air until it breaks like an ocean wave on some unseen force field. A young maple tree sways in the aftermath, its leaves rustling in discontent.

Startlingly beautiful, a deer appears and nibbles on the only remaining evidence of an attempt at a garden. She has no caution or fear in this silent, unnoticed world of which she is a citizen. Then she starts, hearing a sound from the humans who have so destroyed what should have been her natural surroundings, and the spell is broken.

The sky melts from a spattered canvas into a brilliant expanse of blue, and time moves onward.


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  • sarah leying

    Thank you, RedWriter! ^.^

    almost 3 years ago
  • RedWriter

    I love this part 'time moves forward'

    about 3 years ago