Dewayne Green

United States

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a poet. A social activist. A student. A friend.

Message to Readers

Decided to write a found poem one day, if you don't know what a found poem is, it is taking different forms or texts, media etc. and arranging it into a poem with a completely different meaning! Would love any feedback! And also at the very end I gave credit to the different texts I used for this piece, so please check those out as well! They are awesome pieces as well!

The Amazing Thing (Found Poem)

August 29, 2015


Each day we go about our business.
This is what we need to walk around with.
There is nothing important enough
When you’re very sad.
I think about how it hurts to be present
There is so much mystery and complexity.
We cross dirt roads and highways.
We see a white car behind us.
Then this amazing thing happens.
It was like this. It was like that.
I need to see what’s on the other side.
A women and her son,
Waiting for the bus.
Trying to make music with a harmonica and a voice.
Everyone who walked by stood in a circle.
We then go about our business
Poems used:
Praise Song for the Day by Elizabeth Alexander
If by Rudyard Kipling
The Poetry of Ordinary Time (found poem by Annie Dillard using an interview with Marie Howe) 


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