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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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I'm hoping to receive all the criticism and suggestions to help polish this story, part by part, so it can form a decent novel story

PolarOpposites Part 3

August 16, 2017



School is just the lion's den.

Its the uncharted land you trek upon, under the pure hope that your prayer for safety will be heard.

It is the open plain where you walk vulnerable.

It is an open minefield.

One false step.

One wrong move.

Just being at the wrong time at the wrong place, will get you killed.

But no matter how much certain people watch their step, check and recheck their paths before taking that step...

Some people cannot escape.

I hazardly stuff the papers into my bag, trying to drown out the sound of their dizzy laughter with the crumply papers scraping the leather inside of my backpack.

I toss in my pencil case before slipping the straps over my shoulders, adverting my gaze from the image on the pin board.

But something so emphasized simply forces my eyes to graze past.

I catch a glimpse of my hand print, the paper cut outs Ms Zhang made us put up as a class decoration.

Ripped from the neat row of the other students, impaled, torn, and scarred, with countless names scrawled in sharp pens, bleeding ink like blood, like tears.

They streak over my name, not that it truly existed anyway.

Sucking in a breath in tireless effort to keep the water trapped behind the panes of glass called my eyes, I make a bee line for the door.

"Virus, go kiss your boyfriend!" I hear Rachael sneer, before Evan Wolfe is sent sprawling towards me.

We collide, clattering onto the floor like domino blocks, like the glass called my eyes, causing them to leak.

"Aww she's crying." Hui Yin drawled from beside her friend.

Keeping my head low, I collect myself from the ground, snatching up the broken fragments as I resist any more tears.

I offer a hand to Evan and we silently make our escape from the classrrom, where laughter bursts like fire behind us, scorching our prides.

But no place is truly a safe spot in this school.

As if to prove the point, Cleon thrusts me against the wall, bumping once again into the lanky boy I have been forcefully paired with.

"You're taking up the entire corridor you fat asses." The bully loomed over us, clearly the biggest among the three of us.

I grab Evan's arm before he can say a word and pull him behind the corner pillar.

"Why did he do that? We weren't in his way." Evan pointed out.

I sighed.

The boys in class have called him autistic before. But in the bad way.

Sure he was a little off.. a little slow to catch onto things, but that didn't make him autistic.

That didn't even mean autism should be used like that. A bad label.

But then again, school is a factory.

Slapping labels onto cans without checking their contents, assuming those of similar shape are all the same.

While it seemed everyone else could distinguish the 'popular' from the 'retards' plainly from appearance, I couldn't see a difference.

Why can't the taller boy be popular? Why can't the plumper girl be popular?

Why do some rise and some forced to stay down?

"Aw kissing behind the corner?" 

I came face to face with Athena. Her hot pink glasses balanced across what everyone called a 'perfect' face.

She looked just like a teacher.

Out for blood.

Rachael and Hui Yin flanked her, grinning down at us.

"Or is she just babysitting him?" Rachael smirked.

"She's dating the retard she's babysitting? Pedo!" Hui Yin mocked a look of disgust.

"Evan's not a retard." I whispered.

"Birds of a feather f*** together." Athena laughed.

Don't say anything. You'll make it worse.

I shut my mouth, watching them laugh between themselves, as if we were the biggest jokes on the earth.

What did I do wrong?

What did we do to make thrm hate us so?

I cast a glance at Evan, pulling an imaginary zipper across my lips.

Say nothing.

Retaliating only makes it hurt more.

Just be quiet, and take the blows.

What else can one do?

Chapter 2


So what if Cheryl killed Athena?

She did the right thing.

What do they call it.. self defence? That was all she did.

She defended herself, defended anyone Athena and her influence had opressed.

And how is she thanked for it?

She gets checked into Hotel Prison.

Why is everyone so blind to it? Athena died. That's karma right there for all the people she killed inside.

So why is Cheryl paying the price?

I thought adults are always telling us to stand up for ourselves. So why are parents talking about Cheryl like she did something awful?

She just showed everyone in the school to defend themselves. To stand up for themselves.

Why does everyone have to lie when they know someone is doing them wrong? Why does everyone meekly obey the stupid 'system' some idiot made a long time ago?

Why is everyone so afraid to admit that they want to kill certain people too?

Why is Cheryl the villian? 

Why? When all she did was kill a monster? Why was she the one who finally had the guts to do it, only to be punished?

Its not like the teachers ever cared about what was going on in the minds of their victims. 

Its all come full circle.

If Athena and her posse had never started bothering kids like Cheryl, all this would have never happened.

"Where's your murderer friend?" The annoying b**** came up, Rachael trailing after.

You kill one idiot and another takes her place.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" She sneered. "How can you stand being friends with that pathetic trash, whom now is a law breaking killer?"

"If it was me holding that gun, all of you would be dead." I spat. "And Cheryl was the best person out of all you lumps of stupidity. The only pathetic trash is sitting in a body bag with a bullet hole through her. Oh, but I'm sure there's another two body bags to fill if you don't get lost now."

"What, you're going to kill us like your b**** friend killed Athena?"

Suddenly, the years of therapy didn't matter.

The years of professionals teaching me to control my anger. Because if I cant easily have empathy for the jerks that are most of the human population, I'd have to learn to resist that urge to slap someone or worse.

Blame my sociopathy on my family background.

But blame that control snapping on the two idiots I now tackle to the ground.

They scream, they don't expect it.

I let my fingers curl around Hui Yin's neck.

Cheryl had always had enough empathy for the both of us.

But she isn't around right now, is she?

Before I know it, her nose is bleeding and her filthy blood is on the whitening knuckles of my fist.

God, I remember how satisfying it is to do this.

Rachael shrieks, drowned out by Hui Yin's as I scratch her arm with my fortunately long fingernails.

To think Cheryl told me to forgive you all.

And they still continue to think of her, treat her worst than an animal.

You deserve every blow.

I'm so caught up in reducing her face to a pancake on the floor when strong arms fold across my abdomen, tugging me back.

"Break it up, girls!" Mr Koh's voice bellows from behind me.

I reluctantly let go, not before ensuring my nails dragged across her neck in doing so.

I watch, unsatisfied, as she only yelps from the pain, but no blood seeps out.

"Chylne, what is the meaning of this?!" I hear the english teacher demand, as he pulls me a good distance from the two.

"Rachael, take her to the nurse." He barks to the shell shocked moron before turning to meet my gaze. "You. Come with me to the principal's office. Now."

"Okay.. so things are a little different from what I'm used to.. but It's alright. We'll have to get the judge to think you aren't a big enough threat to have to be locked up till the trial." I say, as we sit again in the room. She is still handcuffed to the seat, proving my point.

"When can I go home?" Cheryl mumbled, afraid of the idea of staying here overnight. Or worse, longer.

"We'll go with an insanity plea." I decided.

She looks like she's been slapped in the face, eyes staring at me in shock and hurt. "I'm not insane."

"I'm not saying you are. An insanity plea basically means stating that you were not in a right state of mind when you killed her." I explain. "Which means, you didn't willingly kill Athena in your usual state of mind."

Cheryl opened her mouth, about to spill something before she seemed to forget the words.

"You didn't mean to kill Athena, right?" 

She shakes her head solemnly. "No.. it was an accident. I didn't even realize..."

Good. This will hint at her not consiously being there at the moment of murder.

"We'll need to send you to a state psychiatrist to evaluate you. If all goes well, you should be able to be set on bail."

"Does that mean I get to go home?" She asks.

"Yes." Upon my answer, a light of relief flashes behind her eyes.

"I'll see if I can get you to see one latest tomorrow, but for now you'll have to sit tight." I gather my stuff, standing from the foldable chair.

Upon her drop of expression, I sigh.

"Look, the fact that you may even get out of here before trial is a blessing in itself. Rest assured, I'll do all I can to help you."

She looks uncertain, but then dejected, as if accepting this as her fate.

"Look, I'll get your parents in the visiting list and I'll visit you in the morning to update you, alright?" At the mention of her parents she tenses up.

"N..No... don't get them..." She whimpers, terror woven through each stuttering word.

I stare at her curiously.

"I have to meet them to discuss the case. You're their daughter afterall." I put forth bluntly. "I may be a public defender, but just because your parents don't pay me directly, doesn't mean they don't have the right to know."

"Please." She begs. "D...don't.."

"They'll know what happened over the news anyway, if the school hasn't contacted them yet."

"But.." She falls silent. An odd resignation falls over her, as if falling into a default cycle of accepting and submitting. Often the sign of an oppressive background.

I take a mental note of that as I leave.

You asked for this, Natalie. You got a bigger case.

Now you gotta win it.

I saw the prosecutor at the arraignment. I thought I could have been wrong, but I'd never mistake that smirking face, even if I last saw it in middle school.

Gordon Wolfe.

Old rival anger burned within me.

I have to win this case.

The first thing I do after the arraignment is drive down to Pukit Bimah High and demand to fetch my son.

The school has allowed parents from Athena Tan's class to retrieve their children during school hours.

The least they could do for paranoid parents I suppose.

After brushing off my motherly patting down for injuries, Evan sits at the back of our car, oddly silent.

Usually he'd tell me something interesting that happened in class or something he'd learned. 

But he just sat there, through 10 minutes of the drive, quiet.

"Evan? Sweetie?" I probe, turning my head slightly in his direction while still keeping my eyes on the road. "Is everything alright?"

"She didn't."

"What?" I glance at the rearview mirror, unable to catch his gaze.

"She didn't kill Athena. She couldn't. She didn't mean to.." He blabbered.

"Evan.. Cheryl did something very wrong in the midst of.. some very complicated feelings." I say, trying not to keep that too accusing tone, knowing Evan knew her quite well, talking much of her in previous car rides.

"No, mom, you don't understand.."

"It's alright, Evan, I know its hard for you to take this all in." I sigh, turning right, into our street. "I get Cheryl was a nice friend of yours, but we don't always know people as well as we think."

"Cheryl didn't mean to kill her!"

"I'm sure she didn't, sweetie." I nod empathetically.

"You think she wanted to kill Athena. You're going to tell everyone she killed her on purpose!"

"Yes, Evan, that's what-"

"That's not what she's like, mom!" Evan yelled, shocking me at his furiousity to protect this girl. This girl who could have very well killed him under the right circumstances.

"You're confused, Evan. Let's get home.. we can watch a movie. Or one of those Youtube videos you like to watch, okay? We can relax, calm down and I'll explain to you after we have more analysis from the crime scene, alright?"

"Mom.. you're not listening.." His eyes stared at me, a swirling black of helplessness, the hint of frustration.

I pulled the car into the garage, parking before leaning back to brush his cheek.

"Don't worry, Evan, I'm going to keep everyone safe. I'm going to keep you safe. You'll soon understand why I'm doing this." I assure him, planting a tender kiss atop his forehead, marking my beautiful baby. 

I feel him relax, though as if in defeat.

But it's alright. He'll soon understand that this is all for public safety.

Its's all for his safety.

This is a story.. novel thing? I've been working on for fun and experience, though I'm hoping to receive criticism and suggestions to moulding this story into a decent story.


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