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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

Message to Readers

I'm hoping to receive all the criticism and suggestions to help polish this story, part by part, so it can form a decent novel story

PolarOpposites Part1

August 16, 2017


You'd never expect it. 

How one thing can lead to another.

How quickly things can be changed forever.

How quickly its all over.

I stare, stunned, as Athena is thrown back in the corridor, onto the floor. 

Blood sprays from her opposite side, the bullet tearing through at the speed of light. 
My finger quivers against the trigger.

"Oh God..." I gasp, voice ripped from me. The gun trembles in my shaking hand. 
"Shit." Chylne gapes, suddenly hysterical. "Shit. Shit! SHIT!"

She scrambles away from me, out the computer lab, screaming for help.

I walk towards Athena, only to find myself stuck to the spot. Her blood spreads across the floor, pouring a steady flow, almost endless.

I feel sick.

I stare at the automatic in my hand.

What have I done?

My vision swims at the flood of thoughts and confusion.

I lean heavily against the table, knocking one of the ancient computers to the ground, where it clatters among the toppled stool and projector.

I find my fingers tightening, a vice grip around the gun, sealed together like glue.
Sealed like fate.

My free hand is raised to my head, where I clutch desperately at a clump of hair, as if pulling for answers.

"I didn't mean to!" I shout, only to hear a coarse, strained sound echo from my throat. "I didn't mean to... really!"

Time seems to fly by, I stay there, like a statue, living through time as it goes past. As the world spins without me, leaving me here, trapped in this moment, this horror. The sinkhole I'd subconsciously dug swallows me, dragging me slowly into the earth, my grave. 

"Put the gun down!"

The commanding voice of a stranger pulled my thoughts back to the present.

An officer stood there in the doorway, her blue uniform standing out from the spread of red on the floor behind her.
I almost forgot how tightly I had my gun clenched. 

"I said put it down. Drop it!" 

"I...c..can..'t..." My words barely even a whisper, hands shaking heavily against the table. "S..St..Stuck...."

Hands fells over me, wrestling the gun from my hand. Cold handcuffs scalded the skin on my raw wrists. I winced, having never let anyone touch me there, to hide the unspoken secrets etched there.

But my body refused to listen, and I was forced to fall like a puppet by their hands.

As they hauled me out from the computer lab, I could see medics flocking her.

I'm sorry Athena. I silently apologised. I didn't mean it to end this way.

I didn't mean to end your life.
This is a story.. novel thing? I've been working on for fun and experience, though I'm hoping to receive criticism and suggestions to moulding this story into a decent story.


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