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I am a 16 year high school student in Torrance, California that loves poetry, being a "poetic DJ" (my way of saying I'm a writer), nature, learning, sports, and reading. #blessed

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I don't call myself a writer. I call myself a "poetic DJ". I write from the compassion of my heart and the unequivocally interesting knowledge and thoughts of my brain. Enjoy my work!

Death Shall Be Most Proud: A Response to John Donne

August 29, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Death is twisted in various way.
However, the biggest twist of all is that it is unneeded. 
Death is the demon that shall not succeed
And Death must be eluded for more than many suns, moons, and days.

But when humans look Death in the eyes
And decipher its true character and purpose,
Humans find Death does us much of what should be revered service
But twisted lies make Death a thing to despise.

In order for humans to understand this unorthodox opinion of option,
Here is the reason why this opinion has become to exist:
If Death were to disappear and eternally rest, 
Life would exist with miniscule purpose and fruition.

If Death was eliminated from life,
Humans would be apathetic towards our lives
Because humans knew it didn't matter if their presence thrives
And their existence would abundantly exist in an apathetic rife.

If Death ceased to be thought of by you humans, 
There would be no more of the sense of human urgency
Because life would not have any emergency
To keep the human condition going in constant motion.

For the humans who live by this,
Vanquish humans from stigmatizing him
And rather vindicate and love him at every whim
Because Death is the best thing to life and also life's long forgotten bliss


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