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I am a teen that gets lost in the world of writing and reading. Something I learned and plan on following is... "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Ben Franklin

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This is one of my happy stories that I made as a child with my first softball game. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think of it. Thanks!


August 31, 2015

Dear Diary,

I came home today stiff and tense. I came home today frightened, with my eyes darting to the clock more times than I could count. I came home today not wanting to go to my first softball game. I've practiced and practiced for this day, this day that now has the cloud's teardrops falling down. Not enough though to cancel the game. I struck my hand against the wooden table that I always sit at after school. I closed my hand into a fist, wishing that the clouds would cry harder stopping the game. My wish didn't come true.

I walked out of the car at 5:00 P.M. arriving at my game. My shoes soaked through from stepping into a puddle. I wiped my hand against my tear dotted shirt, keeping my head down. It felt like everyone was staring into my soul. I shivered against the cold and trudged away from my parents to my team. They looked at me with discust and whispered things that I couldn't hear. But I knew they were about me. I was like the runt, they didn't believe in me. I wanted to prove them wrong, but my fear might overpower me.

"BATTER UP!" I shook my head out of the daze I was in, looking out past the fence to one of my teamates about to bat. We were in the last inning and were losing by one point. I got out because of swinging to early with my nervousness earlier in the innings, everyone laughing or shaking their heads at me. We had one out and one person on third base. We were lucky because we had our best player right before me, and she has gotten a homerun before. My eyes widened and I gulped, realizing what could happen. I could have to bat. I heard a crack and looked out hopefully towards my teamate, but my hope sizzled into nothing. She already got a strike and now a foul ball. She was out. Everyone turned their heads towards me. I looked down and raced up to my bat, grabbing its old musty end and ran out to home plate to bat.

I could hear people sighing and grabbing their things getting ready to lose and leave. I shook my head trying to get the noises out, I had to foucus. My shirt was soaked through and sweat was dripping down my forehead mixed with the cloud's tears. I raised my bat up, my hands shaking. My eyes moved towards the pitcher and I got into my stance. The pitcher's eyes stared at me and she smirked, thinking that this would be easy. She brought her hand back, I breathed in deeply, and she let the ball go. It was a perfect pitch, I could tell. It seemed like everything was going in slow motion. I focused on the ball as it came up to my hitting spot, I closed my eyes, and swung my bat with all my might. CRACK! I opened my eyes and ran, I didn't even focus on the ball. I ran with all my might, I saw my first base coach motioning me on first base to keep running, and I did. I saw my third base coach motioning for my teamate on third to go home. Then for me to run from second to third, and from third to home. And I did. When I reached the home plate, I slid making sure that I would not get out. But when I got back up, everyone was staring at me like it was a miracle. I had no idea why until I noticed that the ball wasn't back in the infield. I opened my eyes wide and realized something else. I got a homerun.



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