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I am a 16 year high school student in Torrance, California that loves poetry, being a "poetic DJ" (my way of saying I'm a writer), nature, learning, sports, and reading. #blessed

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I don't call myself a writer. I call myself a "poetic DJ". I write from the compassion of my heart and the unequivocally interesting knowledge and thoughts of my brain. Enjoy my work!

I Bleed, I Bruise, But I Am Clean

August 28, 2015

PROMPT: Poetry

I live an unbroken life.
Shots fired at me every single day
With the bullets riddling my soul down I lay
Knowing my soul is filled with strife
I bleed.
I bleed.
I bleed.

But the bleeding never stops there. 
Being isolated at home and cutting open one's self
Blood running down legs and arms on myself.
I crack the whip of depression and anger on my back
And on my back bruises and blood of blue, red, and black do not lack.
However, the blood and bruising excites me and raises all of my hair. 
I bleed.
I bruise.
I bleed, and I bruise.

As the pain infatuates me in bloody and bruised vain,
The scars on body and mind allow me to be profoundly stoked. 
Death excited me to leave the world unknown and unprovoked
But life grabs me from death and wants me to be more than simply plain.
I bleed. 
I bleed. 
I bleed.

With a fight to choose which side
I keep my soul feebly intact. 
Pulling out bullets and healing the scars on my soul as a matter of fact
Still waiting and sitting on what to decide.
I bleed. 
I bruise. 
I bleed, and I bruise.

Then down came the gavel of forgotten vindication for me to decide
And I was confounded to realize that I can elude life if I please
But Death doesn't have the same symphony for me.
If I said I chose death, to you I would have lied.
I bleed. 
I bleed.
I bleed.

I tell you my sorrow to show how happiness isn't to steal and borrow.
Life with absence of death would have no point and meaning. 
Tis' why life over death was my choice and the way I was leaning.
I live unbroken today and will tomorrow.
I bleed.
I bruise. 
But I. Am. Clean.


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