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I am a 16 year high school student in Torrance, California that loves poetry, being a "poetic DJ" (my way of saying I'm a writer), nature, learning, sports, and reading. #blessed

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Warning: There is some profanity, but it is only consisting of two words. Enjoy!

Silence of the Ghosts: Why I'm A Poetic DJ

August 28, 2015

PROMPT: Why I Write

I don't believe I write. I believe I put together letters existing in the same 26 letter alphaet all available to us in a way that expresses the warmth or the uncompassionate side of me. I call myself a poetic DJ. That's what I love about what I call "poetic remixing". Unlike a regular DJ, I put together words that summarize my unfiltered and full-heartedly believed thoughts in hopefully prepriutary ways that creates a music not needing a spinner or a vinyl record or a bass. Howbeit, this is not the reason why I poetically remix. The reason why I choose to be a poetic DJ is to silence my ghosts. Not ciritics, not my enemies,not malice opinions, but myself...in different forms. I have come to the idea in which ghosts aren't scary because they are different and horrifying to think about, but because we see ourselves in them. We see a side of ourselves we believe only exists when whittled down to our primal instincts. When degraded into morale-less hysteria. When drinking that fifth bottle of beer. When imagining how awful that last significant other was. And when thinking these personas only appears when cultivating a description of the clinically insane. Howbeit, I believe I live with mine every single day. I think at any moment I will snap into the thing I fear most, but creating my poetic mixtapes stop that. The ghosts stop murmuring in my ears to tell me to let them out and play. The ghosts cease to infatuate my yearning for fucking myself up and others in more ways than one. The ghosts start becoming pedals rather than thorns. And the ghosts receive halos and not pitchforks. Do I hate the ghosts? Of course, they can go fuck themselves, but am I grateful for them? Paradoxically, yes. Because without them, I wouldn't be able to drop such poetic fire that burns and silences my ghosts. 


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