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Needle And Thread

By: Vanilla

Watching him make the final touches, I rant about my latest heartbreak. Not that it was depressing, but he nods anyway, arranging the sewing machine with deft fingers.

“Have you ever been in love, chacha?” I ask.

The old, grey tailor was my only friend in the neighborhood. He wore the dullest clothes, but hid intricate stitches in our traditional clothes. Everyone trusted him.

The rusty needle pierces the cloth with a steady rhythm.
In. Out.

“Yes. But the pain wasn’t worth it.”

When he hands me the shirt, I wonder how he managed to stitch his own heartbreak.

Peer Review

The title "Needle and Thread" is eye-catching. It gives off a sense of familiarity and intrigue.

In the end of the story, it leaves a sense of wonder that is a great way to conclude the piece since the tailor is a mysterious character.

I believe that the tailor's personality was a little absent but it was very entertaining.

Just keep on writing. You are obviously great at it!

Reviewer Comments

I would say to be more specific since the text was a little vague. However, the interest took the piece to a whole new level!