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Brianna Thomas

United States

After The Fall

August 13, 2017

He remembered the before. The harsh screeches of metal as cars collided. The panicked screams and sudden burst of flames.

He remembered the after. The fingers pointing in every direction, but the right one like bloodhounds on a hunt. The proclamation that promised no survivors. The burial in the cemetery by the river where he promised his son's gravestone he'd find the one to blame.

But he forgot the during. The minutes that seemed like hours. The darkness they called cardiac arrest that replayed the slurring of his words in the before like a broken record.

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1 Comment
  • Deji

    Maybe the comma in the second line (of the second paragraph) should come after "the right one"?

    That said, WOW.
    I really do love how you've written this. Your words are the beauty in the sadness that you've expressed.

    11 months ago