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Emma Mayall


A Lost Treasure

August 13, 2017

Tris was a political man who talked a lot, but loved learning the most. Tommy, inspired by the knowledge of Tris, asked him to build a Great library to fill with all the books of the world. Until Tommy’s descendants, Cleo and yes, another Tommy had some sibling rivalry. To become the bigger sibling, Cleo asked for help from a powerful man named Jules. Cleo and Jules knew of a pearl that was precious to Tommy so to obtain it they burnt many buildings, including the Great library whose generations of immeasurable knowledge would forever be lost in Alexandria.
  1. Tris = Demetrius of Phaleron
  2. Tommy = Ptolemy I Soter I
  3. Cleo = Cleopatra
  4. Jules = Julius Caesar
  5. The pearl = Alexandria
  6. Great library = The library of Alexandria
  7. Second Tommy = Ptolemy XII


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