Justin Reed

United States

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When the Raven Came

August 28, 2015


I fear... fear...
my breath us fading...
fading like an eddy
whose whirls 
seized and grasped into a
self-continuous ball of nothing...
the pain... the pain... the pain
who seeps through my very bone
dragging my essence
to who knows where...
the raven
the raven
the raven of the white checkered face
in his dowry of blackness
beggins... bequeathed … ushers me closer
closer to his hallow half-cocked eye…
his wings held taunt
wish me closer to the oblivion
there will be no battle
no honor, nor glory, a whimper...
for the oblivion, oblivion …
we each tell tell little lies each day
so we can keep going through
ignoring the absurdity of it all
of a universe who doesn’t…


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