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I am a teenager who loves God with her whole heart. I truly enjoy writing, reading, drawing, painting, singing and watching YouTube. History and Science are my favorite school subjects because they allow me to learn about the world around me.

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Hello to all the writers who give writing their all and want to make a difference in the world. Maybe one day in the future we will be published, one can only hope right? Writing makes me happy because I can bring any idea or world to life and with a click of a button all of you can enjoy it with me. I feel honored when I see that my works have been peer reviewed so please feel free to peer review my works and let me know how I am doing. I am a Christian so God might be mentioned in some of my pieces. I never mean to offend people with my writing but I do have very strong opinions that I do write about. I want to encourage all of you to be the best you can be in everything. I truly hope that my writings inspire you, make you laugh and smile

There is beauty amongst the pain

August 12, 2017


She learned to smile through the pain
​And paint a pretty picture even with the rain
The world tried to claw her apart
​Tried to tell her that she wasn't good enough
​But she threw her head back and laughed
Never showing defeat
​She was a rose without thorns
A beauty everyone hopes to meet
​Society tried to destroy her
​To turn her into what they wanted her to be
Now their hands are stained 
​The deep red of a rose
She watered plants with her tears
She gave her smiles to the sun
When even it couldn't even bear to shine
​Society was detsroyed by just a girl
​Who wouldn't give up no matter 
​How hard her life got
She held her head up towards the sky
​And she Knew that
There is beauty amongst the pain


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1 Comment
  • ARS7

    Excellent! 'And she knew that There is beauty amongst the pain.'
    Exactly right. 'I thank Thee a thousand times for the roses, but help me to be grateful for the thorns as well.' :)
    Keep up the great work! God bless!

    7 months ago