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August 12, 2017

I’m an old slave                        
finally breaking free  
I’m a mayor’s boy
but sings a punk song  

I’m a road worker  
building a new road.  
I’m a hardcore goth  
but loves to dance ballet.  

There’s a thousand laws  
trying to get me down.
There’s words by the world
chasing me every day.

I’m a dreaming prisoner
escaping cells.  
I’m a happy stargazer  
but chases stars in sunlight.

The world is just a planet
it gives only a half smile.  
that is why  
I’ll rather visit the sky.

I’m an old man
walking naked in the park.
I’m a proud man  
showing of his scars


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1 Comment
  • #Simone/Madame

    My only suggestion is to capitalize "Free" in the title. The rest of your story is marvelous.

    11 months ago