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Hello! My name is Afrah. I am sixteen years old, and an Indian, but I live in the UAE.

I can't really write stories, but I like to think I am good with poetry and short pieces.

I hope to be able to grow as a writer on this site, and that I'll make some wonderful friends who will improve me a whole lot more.


November 14, 2017



I'll be unlocking the door pretty soon.
Please be there when I do.
In the corners of my house lie unforgettable
Memories of various words spoken in the
Heat of the moment.

This is what I will have chosen, with
My nose in the air, and a growing
Bag of mistakes; if you're Santa, I'll
Be the reindeer lifting both our burdens.

Snow, sleet, hail. All of it will be in our minds,
When what we say will strip each other
Of the very skin we are so proud of wearing.

Ah, yes. This is how it will be. Should I still
End before I begin? Should I stop singing
Before the chord was even struck?

Because my pride is intertwined with my
Chromosomes, I will go on to my misfortune.
I will be my undoing.

This is what is set in store for me, what
I have created in the dark depths of
My soulless imagination. This is my Inferno.

I'll be unlocking the door pretty soon.
Please be there when I do.



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