New Zealand

"Let the world shine through you and throw the prism light, white hot, onto paper."

Maggie Magnolia

August 11, 2017

Magnolia trees bloom in autumn,
and die the very next day. First they flower, but in a moment, all that's left are white petals on the ground. It's sinister Maggie thought. Living, dying. That's supposed to take a lifetime.
Magnolia trees live and die forever. 
Maggie was named after that tree, but she couldn't remember ever been called Magnolia. Maggie Magnolia. Living and dying forever. 
Magnolia's are difficult trees to climb. 
The first time Maggie climbed the tree to the top, she was 12 years old. (It was also the last).
Magnolia branches are strong.
But not strong enough. 

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