Peer Review by Justin Reed (United States)

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By: Maya


The past haunts us
In ways we cant find until
All to fast, its there.

Its enormous.

We ignore it, we push it away
Leaving it to rot in dusty, forgoten, lonley
Silent corners of ourselves.

But these moments shape us.
They change us.
They whisper in the dead of night,
And claw and our window panes,

White paint slinking away,
Embarased as to what it hides. 


Peer Review

The last line stands out most to be because people don't always want to reflect on the past, especially if it's painful or unpleasant.

I was unsure how to feel after I read this poem. The poem made me think about my past and my own actions.

I would ask the author the about the white paint because I am not sure what it is suppose to represent. Does the paint represent innocence and goodness being removed to show the pain underneath?

Reviewer Comments

I think this is a great poem. You used repetition, imagery, and metaphors very well. I suggest trying a rhyme scheme, similes, or alliteration.