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Watching Darkness

August 27, 2015


Against the perfect silhouette of the trees,
I see the night.
In all of its glory,
Its vastness,
Its beauty.
I see the night for what it is-
A patchwork of memories,
Layers of clouds and of colors,
Moments of immeasurable joy and
Of unknown sadness.
And of birth
Of death
Of fear
Of the lack of it.
I see all of this,
Embedded in the dark expanse of the sky.
I witness the beginnings of stories,
The endings of heroic tales
I hear the crashing of dreams,
Echoing in my ears
Along with the perfect symphony called hope.
I see seasons passing
Generations looking up into the same sky.
For the light.
Because, in the end,
It's all we have.
Blank pages.
Empty pens.
And all those people.
With hopes.
With dreams.
With hardships and
With understanding that as long as they live, this sky has lived longer.
That as long as they are here
This sky will be above them.
Shining holes my words have poked into the fabric of the universe,
Showing a world beyond the darkness.
Gaps in the suffering of humanity.
Places that not only overcome our darkness, they fill the cavities of freight with tomorrow.
Hope for the ever present not now.
They shine out against the dark, layered background.
They fill the empty spaces with their untrue silence.
And I
The night.


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