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Am I Pretty Enough?

By: TerenNeret

Mirrors lie. The one in my bedroom always tells me I'm monstrous. Ugly. A pacing patchwork of porcelain bones. The mustard tape disappeared underneath my ribs. Will I be pretty today? Numbers, however, are beauty. They tell me the truth when nobody else would. Yet, today's measurement spat in my face- 16 inches. A frown pulled against my cheekbones. It hurt. Not enough. The tape slipped from my hand and spooled onto the floor. A falling, failing gymnast. Breathing air was like forcing down Mum's thick, vile porridge. Like burning acid. Maybe the mirrors were right. Never pretty enough.

Message to Readers

I am deeply sorry if I offended you with my portrayal of anorexia, especially if you are suffering/have suffered from it. If my work seems highly attacking or offensive, please inform me and I will change it.

Peer Review

The constant skewed belief that I got in previewing this work drew me in and held me. The relateable self-doubt throughout is something that made me need to print and frame this piece.

This piece, in and of itself, planted ideas and questions in my head with hefty metaphors and figurative language

No. The vague mystery added to the mood, so all in all, it was easy to follow and left some good questions.

Keep writing dude! this was really good! I'd love to read more like this!

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