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Writing a bio for me is hard because I am myself and I could go on and on about how I think of me but would that be correct in others eyes? So I guess the only word I can really use to describe me is Bree and let my writing do the rest.

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Always, always always remember to see both sides of the story and you might just fill another book.


August 16, 2017

The ashen-faced boy with gray streaked through his hazel-nut hair grabbed her arm. She didn't have time for it but she turned to him anyway, imagining how the boy must feel to be standing in the house where the bomb had struck. The last place he had seen his family before going to school that morning. The last place to say goodbye. He either didn't say anything or she didn't hear, which was much more likely since they were near a bomb site. She would have to get to the safe bunker. But the boy's grip was iron.
I really need to know if you have suggestions. I was told to change gray streaked to gray streaks but that sounds like hair coloring to me... sorry Kaitlyn. But thank you

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  • RedWriter

    Thanks! :)

    almost 3 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    I like what you already have. :) "gray streaked" sounds good.
    Keep up the good work!
    God bless!

    almost 3 years ago