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Hey guys! Thanks for reading this, put a lot of heart in this piece. But, I know this is way shorter than my other Clarisse stories, but I just wanted to share this short, happy, heartfelt chapter with you all, before I get my details together, to Publish Pepper Spray into a book! Because of all yall's support, this can really happen, and I just wanted to thank you again. Have an amazing day!! Love you guys!!!
(More Chapters Coming Later in the month..............STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!)

Effects Of The Setting Sun (Clarisse's Story, Par.5)

August 10, 2017


     The teacher sighed, writing some things on her clipboard as she and Clarisse sat in the hallway, in complete silence.
​"May I just finish my sto-"
​"No," the teacher replied, without looking up.
​Clarisse sighed, rolling her eyes. She crossed her arms, and fiddled with a necklace Ryker a while back. The teacher finished her writings, and faced Clarisse.
​"Miss La Rue, I know you have a huge story to tell, but-"
​"Finally, that brain of yours is put to work!"
​The teacher glared at her, but kept quit.
​Clarisse cleared her throat, smirking.
​"As I was saying.."
​      It was a meeting day, which didn't usually happen that much. Especially not when the Ares cabin participated. Clarisse waved as Ryker strolled by Chiron, giving his common speech on meeting day.
​"There had been many hero's here, who have trained, and dealt with many problems, you'd think only Dionysus himself could solve. Waiting here at camp, and just sitting around here doing nothing, is never going to get you into that hero phase-I'm looking at you, ​​Stoll's."
​ ​Connor and Travis Stoll sighed, and nodded along as Chiron finished up the end part of his speech. When he finished, all of the campers began to spread out into their own team's for training activities. Before Clarisse found a team, Chiron called her over to the steps of the Big House.
​ "Yes?" she said, approaching him cautiously.
​Chiron's weak smile completely faded.
​"Miss La Rue, I think it's about time we've had a chat."
​     Two words: Not Good. The last time they had a 'chat', was telling Clarisse that starting a war in the camp was one of his biggest policy's. What-ever! But, the look on Chiron's face didn't really look angry, happy, or concerned. It looked...sad.
​"First things first. I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on your quote on quote, quest that you went on to save Ryker from his mother. Well done."
​Clarisse offered a smile.
"But, I also have some bad news, or in a case, good."
This is what I get for 'attempting' a smile.
​Chiron cleared his throat, continuing.
​"I recently heard about your mother's death," he spat out.
​Clarisse's entire body stiffened when those words came out of his mouth. He said it like it didn't even matter, which really made her wanna...slap that smile off his face..? Why the heck is he smiling?!
​"Look Chiron, if this is your dumb way of 'comforting' someone, then it really sucks."
​He chuckled. Clarisse was really getting ready to slap him, until the doors to the Big House opened behind them. Clarisse turned around, to see a middle aged woman standing in the doorway, her face expression unreadable. Her eyes glinted somehow, because of the setting sun behind the forest. The woman's eyes lighted up as they meet Clarisse's. Though, Clarisse had no idea what was going on, until the Woman spoke a sentence to Clarisse.
​"I only want you to do one thing for me in life hun. Go make-"
​"-me proud. And don't forget to make mistakes. Because that's what makes you special..." Clarisse finished, her eyes filled up with tears. Behind her she heard a chuckle. Though, this time, it wasn't Chiron.
​"Happy birthday babe." Ryker said smiling at her.
​She turned around and met his eyes, tears running down her cheeks. She looked back around at the woman, who now had a blueberry muffin in hand.
​"My favorite muffin..." she said, walking slowly up the steps of the Big House.
​"Oh honey, I missed you.." the woman said.
​Clarisse moved her eyes off the muffin, and onto hers.
​"M-.......M-mom?" she asked, tears still racing down her cheeks, flustering her brain.
Her mother scooped her up in a huge hug, resulting to Clarisse sobbing on her shoulder.
​"Welcome home sweetie. Welcome home..."



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  • CreativeAngel

    This is nice. I'm reading all of these in a single day.

    almost 3 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    Chiron had helped Ryker and all the campers did also, to make it possible for her mother to come back. :) thanks for commenting

    over 3 years ago
  • Deleted User

    Nice conclusion. I'm a little bit confused about the middle, was Chiron just pulling Clarisse's arm or was there something else I missed? Could you make that a little bit clearer please?

    over 3 years ago