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Abyss On The Other Side Of Heaven

May 18, 2018


We're mental disorders
We're beautiful creatures 
And nefarious

The Gods, who do they talk about?
The beauty, the wine or the songs?
The wars, the wisdom or the endings?
What will matter if you have lived for more than a thousand years?
Not wishing to die everyday
But not hoping to live today
Mortals and sinners
Several things weren't justified 
We're tired of being 
What people expect
We fear of handing 
What people need 
Because they hope for might and steal poverty
Domination bears the heart, selfishness bears the eyes 
For the lies to be blind, even before Gods
People think with their eyes
Devour and forsake
Statues and portrays
Silence and ecstasy
Glory and sacrifices
Modern deaths and unvirtuous lives
Ripping off pieces of treasure
They kill for something that won't last forever
They murder modesty and innocence
They poison honesty and fairness
Screaming on each other's head and curse the world they ruined
Until they fall
And no one knows the Earth has ever exist

The Gods have dreamt
Of a place where all miseries will finally become raptures
For the almost innocent to remain and pray
For the nearly criminals to stay and redeem
But now everything comes to an end 
These people, who are surviving, have rotten souls from the dark secrets above
And scarred faces from the punishment of the underground
They can't escape
And the Gods can't save them
Only letting them devastate themselves

They're gone


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1 Comment
  • WhispersOfGray

    This is amazing. Wow, how you manage to write like that is beyond me. Nothing short of amazing.

    over 1 year ago