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The Beauty In The Night

The Beauty In The Night (Clarisse's Story, Par.4)

August 5, 2017


     Clarisse stood there next to Ryker, watching his mother disappear back into the shadows. Her breaths became shaky, her hands beginning to tremble. She looked over at Ryker, who was staring where his mother was last, tears racing down his cheeks. Clarisse felt sad, and squeezed his hand, trying to help. I mean, it wasn't like she knew what to do. Ryker closed his mouth, and turned to her. She stared into his eyes, searching for answers. He just stared at her. He eventually moved forward, and kissed her goodnight.
​"I need to go rest up... you do to. I'll see you tomorrow." he said, before slowly walking up the hill.
​Clarisse was left alone, in the cool nightly breeze. She sighed, following after Ryker, and back into her cabin. She laid in her bed, staring at the ceiling for a while. She couldn't sleep, not knowing if Ryker was going to be okay. In fact, she wouldn't. She gathered a bag full of bread, apples, and daggers, with one of her water bottles filled with blue raspberry Kool-Aid. She snuck quietly from the back entrance of her cabin, and walked over to the Nyx cabin. She knocked on the door twice. No answer. She knocked once more. Nothing. She cursed to herself, before breaking the door down. Literally. She walked through, and could barely see anything. It was as if the air in here was black.
​"Ryker?" she called.
​No response. She was finally convinced that he was gone. So, that left her only one thing to do.
​    She hesitated, at the front gates of camp. She turned around, facing the camp. She was risking everything. Her home, her friends, and a safe place for her to even survive. She was really risking her life for a boy? She had lost many friends because of this decision. She always messed up, or had second thoughts. But, she did know one thing. She loved Ryker. The way he smiled at her. The way they held each other. And, the way that he was always the one there to protect her. She didn't know where she would be if it weren't for him...she lost her dad when she was little, just because he was immortal. She lost her mother because she wasn't brave enough to do anything. She lost her friends, because she had grown to be so evil, and mean. But, did she really want to risk loosing something that makes her the person her mother had always wanted her to be? Someone she loves?
​She turned back around, facing her exit. She took a deep breath, and walked into the darkness of the forest in the night.
​    Clarisse had no idea where Ryker was. But, she knew an Oracle that does. She walked to the Oracle's cave, crossing her fingers that the Oracle even liked Clarisse.
"Hello?" she called.
​Her voice echoed off the walls of the cave, sending a strange vibration through the air. Rachel Dare came to sight. She smiled when she saw Clarisse, and walked closer to her.
​"Miss La Rue, please, make yourself at home. I was expecting you."
​     Rachel handed her a cup of tea once they had settled in on Rachel's purple chairs and couches. Paintings covered the walls, and in the corner, there was a three legged stool.​ Wonder what that's for...
​Clarisse filled Rachel in on all the details with Nyx and Ryker, and how she desperately needed to know where he was, and if he was okay. Rachel sighed, and set down her tea cup on the table in front of them.
​"Well, I do see the situation that your in, and why you've come to me for the answers you wish to have. And, I do have a prophecy that mentions Ryker in it...would you like to hear it Miss La Rue?"
​Clarisse nodded.
​Rachel smiled warmly, before clearing her throat. Her eyes switched from dark green, into bright blue.
"​Speak the words unspoken.
​Praise your mother before you.
Close your eyes, with final breath,
​the scorching fire beneath you.
​Blind to the eye, you must devout.
​with a final seeker,
​your time has run out."
​Rachel took a deep breath, as her normal eye color returned. She looked at Clarisse, who was staring into space, trying to piece things together.
​"Speak the words unspoken...Praise your mother before you...-That's what Nyx had said to Ryker! The first two lines!"
​Rachel tapped her finger on her chin. "You know what this means, right Miss La Rue?"
​Clarisse sighed, shaking her head. "Nyx wouldn't hurt her own son...would she?"
​Rachel studied her. "I'm afraid that's an answer I cant tell you. Because, I have no clue."
​Clarisse held her face in her hands, trying to think.
​Rachel cleared her throat. "I do have one last way to help you Clarisse."
​Clarisse looked up, and smiled weakly. "Shoot."
​Rachel stood up, and walked over to her bookshelf's. She frantically searched through books, until she pulled out a black book, with a black cover. She flipped through it, and ripped out a page, before putting the book away. Clarisse raised an eyebrow at her. Rachel returned to her, and handed her the paper.
​"I appologise if you have to use this, but this is something a friend of mine, Nico Di Angelo gave to me."
​Clarisse read the title of the page. "How to Bring Back The Dead."
​She looked up at Rachel, and nodded gravely, before tucking it into her backpack that rested at her feet.
​Rachel walked her to the exit of the cave, and handed her some good luck Oracle leafs.
​"Rachel...I-...T-thank you," she stuttered.
Rachel smiled at her, before returning into the darkness of her home. Clarisse started out again on her journey.
​  "Excuse ME." The teacher said, raising her voice.
​Clarisse stopped, mid-sentence. "Yes?" she asked, grinning.
"I just want you to get to the part where you almost got expelled!"
​Clarisse shook her finger. "Nope. Not until the story gets there. Now, may I continue?"
​The teacher nodded, grumbling to herself at Clarisse resumed her story.
​     Clarisse had found a hill to rest on until the sun arose at dawn. She laid her bag up against the tree, waiting for the stars to send her to sleep. She stared at them. She suddenly was stricken with a memory of Ryker. Them, holding hands, on Half-Blood hill. Her expression quickly formed into a frown, as she rested up against the tree, as the sound of the leafs swaying in sync with the wind put her to sleep.
​    She woke up slowly, the sun hitting her face, making it warmer than it usually was. She had a small hope inside her that Ryker was there, to wake her up by splashing her with the cold lake water they always had a lunch by. Instead, she was greeted by a raccoon, stealing her bread.
​"Hey!" she said, and swung a stick at it, missing. But, the raccoon still got the idea to scram. Clarisse stood up, and grabbed her things, leaving her resting hilltop. She travelled into the town of Manhatten, walking along the sidewalk of bustling tourists. She kept her head down. She walked onto the other side of the street, and waited for a bus to take her up north. She sat on a bench, along with another woman. Clarisse looked over at her. She was a very skinny lady, with long, curly brown hair lying on her back. She looked like she hadn't eaten in days. She looked in her purse, and grabbed a granola wrapper, with a weak smile spreaded across her face, making little wrinkles appear on her cheeks above. A little girl and her mother came walking by with her mother, and the little girl pointed at the woman's granola bar.
​"Mommy, please! I really want one!"
​Her mother sighed, and looked at the woman.
​The woman, her smile still there, gave the girl the granola bar.
​"There you go, sweetheart. Enjoy."
​The girl and the mother walked away, leaving the old woman sitting alone on the bench, with nothing but her empty purse.
  I frowned, and saw a store right across from the bench. I considered the lady, then put a smile on my face.
​"Excuse me, ma'am? Could you be so kind to watch my bag for me really quick?"
​She turned to me, and smiled.
​"Of course, dear."
     Clarisse hopped up, and disappeared into the store. She came back out a few moments later, with a big brown bag full of sandwiches, chocolates, and some more snacks. She sat back down on the bench, and turned to the woman. The old woman smiled at her, and handed her Clarisse's backpack.
​"There you are, dear." she said.
​Clarisse smiled, and laid the bag right in front of her.
"And, there you are, Mrs."
​The woman's eyes widened, as tears filled her eyes. "Why...for m-me?"
​Clarisse nodded, before standing up with her bag.
"Enjoy, ma'am."
​The woman stood, and hugged her. Clarisse was surprised, but patted her back. She smelled exactly the way her mother used to smell. Memories flooded her head, but were gone as the woman pulled away. Clarisse smiled at her.
​"Bless you, young lady. Bless you."
​Clarisse thanked her, before heading off, to save the love of her life.
​     Train after train, Clarisse grew further and further to where Nyx and Ryker were supposed to be. The cold weather grew, and the temperatures dropped the farther north she went. ​Why the Hades couldn't Nyx live in Hawaii? ​Clarisse stopped on top of a hilltop, and froze in her steps. The clouds parted, revealing a huge mountain, with a cave at the very bottom. Darkness crept along the cave, making a chill go down her back. Clarisse gulped, but went forth into the path of darkness.
​     She could still see, though she really didn't want to at this point in her journey. The cave walls were lit by huge fire goblets, and a few regular torches. She walked deeper and deeper, until she saw him. She saw Ryker, chained up against the wall, his head hanging. Without hesitation, she ran forward to meet him.
​"Ryker!" she yelled.
​He looked up, his eyes pleading her for something. She tried to remove the chains on his hands, but he shook his head.
​"Leave...please...just go..." he croaked.
​"I am not leaving you here!" she said softly, but with power.
​Ryker kissed her cheek, and laid his head on her shoulder.
​"She is going to kill both of us, if you don't hide, or leave!" he cried.
​She looked at him. Then, a voice spoke from the entrance of the cave.
​"Oh, Ryker! I'm home!" Nyx said, with an awful, nasty tone.
​She turned around, and Nyx was looming over her.
​"Trying to hide in the shadows?" Nyx mocked, smacking Clarisse to the other side of the cave.
​    She struggled to her feet. She got out her sword, and swiped it right through Nyx. She laughed.
"You really are as dumb as you look."
​"Clarisse," Ryker called, "Focus on my voice...focus on my voice. What would your dad say to do right now? Think, baby. I know you know do it!"
​     Clarisse thought for a minute, before her eyes widened. She dug in her bag. Nyx grabbed a sword off the wall, and slowly walked over to her.
​"Well, it was nice knowing you, Clarisse. Just kidding, I LIED!" she swung her sword.
​Clarisse pulled out a rock her mother had given her when she was little. It shined the brightest light on the shadows, making them go away. Luckily, that was all Nyx. All shadow. Nyx screamed, before disappearing into the dark.
​  Ryker smiled at her. Clarisse looked up at him, and walked over, freeing him from his chains. Ryker hugged her tightly. He cried on her shoulder. She rubbed his back, embracing him. Ryker whispered in her ear.
​Clarisse looked at him, and he pulled away. Nyx showed up behind Ryker, and grabbed his throat.
"NO!" She screamed.
​Ryker looked her in the eyes. Clarisse met them, and almost fell to her knees.
​Nyx snarled, and carried Ryker over to a pit of flames.
​Clarisse scrambled off the floor, and stopped when she saw Ryker be released of her hand, and into the pit.
​    Her heart skipped a beat, and she fell onto her knees.
​"No! No, no, no! This isn't supposed to happen!" she screamed.
​Nyx made an evil grin at her, before disappearing. Clarisse had a memory come back to her then. Her mother. Clarisse had been playing in the garden when she heard a scream come from inside there tiny house on a mountain. She rushed back inside, and saw a hellhound, and it killed her mother. Clarisse was 5, so she didn't know what to do. She ran out of the house, and into the woods, the hellhound chasing after her. She ran faster and faster, until she found a place to hide. She hid under some scraps in the forest, that were piled up against the tree. This was the last time Clarisse ever cried. She bawled her eyes out for days. She never went back home, because it was to strong a reminder how she was such a coward to do anything.
​    Clarisse sat there, staring at the flames. Her eyes had done something just then that hadn't happened for 11 years. She had a tear trace her cheek, followed by many more. She cried there, in the darkness of the cave, wanting him back. Wanting a re-do...she had just lost the love of her life. And this time, it was her fault again.
​  Hours went by, before a noise came from the pit. A hand held onto the edge, and Ryker pulled himself out, covered in ashes. Clarisse nearly fainted, and she crawled on the floor, and hugged him, sobbing. Ryker chuckled, and held her so close. She remembered she always loved this. And that was something that she would never forget. She pulled away, and stared at him.
​" saw...." she croaked.
​He kissed her, refreshing her memory of how to shut up, and listen. He pulled away, and pulled a vial from his jacket.
​"Fire proof, straight from the Hephaestus cabin. I knew making friends with them was a good idea."
​Clarisse couldn't help but to chuckle.
​"Well," she began, "Good news, and bad news."
​He smiled at her. "Give me the bad news first."
​"Well, we have to walk back, except for the train rides. Good news is, we have each other."
​Ryker helped her up, and smiled, interwining his fingers with hers.
​"I like the good news better." he said smirking.
​She nodded. "Me too."
​    When they finally reached camp, it was nightfall. They didn't bother to go to their cabins, they just went right to their spot. They laid in the grassy medow, admiring the stars, and one another.
​"I love you, Clarisse."
​She looked over at him. "I love you to."
​   Before they could fall asleep, Chiron blew the conch horn.
​Clarisse sighed, and walked with Ryker to meet Chiron and the rest of the campers.
​"Sorry to wake anyone, but we have a last minute mission to attend in the Manhattan library-"
​"YES!" Annabeth exclaimed.
​Chiron frowned. "Monsters are eating the books, and-"
​Annabeth and Percy started running out of the camp, with the rest of the Athena cabin. Chiron sighed, and yelled.
​  Campers laughing, and sleepy, were all running along. I walked along with Ryker in the back, smiling at him.
​He squeezed my hand.
​"Lets go tackle this rodeo." he said grinning.
​I nodded, and together, we chased after the other campers. And as always, we didn't know what we were in for.



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