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Andrew Feistritzer


May 26, 2014

PROMPT: Graffiti


Graffiti can be art, depending on the circumstance. If the graffiti is demeaning, or if it is displaying gang signs, then it definitely should be labeled as vandalism, and be removed promptly. But some graffiti doesn't put anyone down, and is also beautiful. I think this type of graffiti should be labeled as art, and be kept, so many more people can appreciate it. If it is on public property, such as an overpass, or a train bridge, and it isn't offense to anyone, then it should be allowed. While graffiti is against the law, I think there should be a way to make it legal. I believe that someone should be able to go to a city council, and ask permission to create something on a public property. They should have to sign a contract, saying that if their artwork offends anyone, that it will be altered accordingly, or completely erased. All graffiti shouldn't be put in the same category, since not all of it has bad intentions behind it. I don't believe that all graffiti should be erased, or gotten rid of. I think there should be a judgement on whether or not it is degrading to someone or something, and if it is harmless, then it should be appreciated as art, like in a museum.


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