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Hi, my name is Diamond.
Nice to meet you! I try my best to show myself in the work that I do I only hope that for you it comes through.
Thank you.

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How does this make you feel? Do you understand what i am trying to convey?

Everybody needs somebody

August 4, 2017


Everybody needs somebody. Somebody who understands them, who accepts them. Somebody to see who they really are and not run away. Everybody needs somebody to turn to when they can't see because their tears cloud their eyes. Everybody needs somebody to hold onto because the weight that they carry is too much to bear alone. Everybody needs somebody to talk to when the room goes silent and the only thing left to listen to is the song of a sad heart. Everybody needs someone  to remind them that they aren't alone. Everybody needs someone to remind them of who they are  because sometimes we don't know who we are, but through the eyes of others we can see. Everybody needs somebody  to hear the pain in our voices when we can't hear it ourselves. Everybody needs somebody  to see past the smile that we plaster on our face to hide away our tear stained cheeks. In short, everybody needs somebody.


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