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Zoe G.

United States

dreaming of fishes and wishes

I Do Not Know Much About Death

August 24, 2015

PROMPT: The Unknown

    I do not know much about death, not that anyone does, really. Like the saying (or the to-be-made Pirates of the Caribbean movie) goes, dead men tell no tales.
    People may know much about the moments before death, the raspy screaming or the muttered prayers or the release of a trigger, but what follows after is Unknown. Unknown with a capital U because no one will ever know. Humans can spin as many tales about Hades or Heaven as they want, but when was the last time a corpse whispered the secrets of death into a scientist’s ear? Well, besides every gory zombie movie ever.
    Some may shake their heads, though. They think they know the truth, as everyone does. They claim the body is cremated or buried or offered to a lab to be cut up and what’s done is done; nothing follows. Truth is, that’s just another tale, another myth, another story. Because how would they know? How would anyone know? We can believe, but we can't know.
    In conclusion, I do not know much about death, more specifically, the Unknown, and no one else does.    
    (except for the rare ghost reading this piece, of course)


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