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Enjoy! I decided to follow my heart, and keep writing!
I hope you all enjoy this series! And when I'm done, I'm going to be publishing this series on Amazon! I'll keep you updated! Enjoy everyone :)

The Chosen One? (Part Three, Clariss's Story)

August 4, 2017



Clarisse walked forward, in sync with the rest of the campers. Monsters were every direction you turned, each one growing into a bigger threat. Ryker stood at her side, holding her hand. As much as she didn’t want to let go, she couldn't fight it. She had always wanted someone to care about her the way Ryker does, despite what her father has ordered. She squeezed his hand before letting go, giving him an encouraging smile. He smiled back, before charging forth into the sea of monsters. She did the same, as well of the other campers. Swords and daggers hit each other as the campers ran, killing every monster they could. Lighting was roaring in the sky's as it began to ran, making Clarisse's hair stick to her back, and onto her shoulder. She slid under a Hydra, cutting each of its legs. Ryker pulled her out from underneath it, before the Hydra got a chance to give her an early death.
​"You got this Clarisse. I believe in you." he said.
​She smiled at him, and watched him run back in.
​   She pulled out her sword, and slashed her way through every monster that stood in her path. Without another step, the rain stopped. The clouds shifted into new colors un-heard of, or seen. Clarisse turned around, facing the battle. The campers had almost all retreated. Walking through the lines of monsters and campers, Hera came through. Following her, was all the gods of Olympus you could name; Demeter, Ares, Aphrodite, Hades, Dionysus, Athena, Artemis, and even Zeus, etc. They came walking through, making half of the monster’s retreat. Ryker came running to my side, panting. I looked over at him.
​"What's going on? Why are the god's here?!" I asked, sliding my sword and dagger back into their sheaths.
​"I don't know...I was about to ask you the same thing."
​All the campers were standing behind me, once the monsters were all gone. Zeus stood aside Hera, and stopped walking once they reached the hill.
​"Greetings you puny dem-"
​Hera cut him off by elbowing his ribs.
​"You dumb little-"
​She elbowed him again. Zeus threw his hands in the air.
​"I have nothing, woman!" he yelled.
​Hera rolled her eyes, and stepped forward.
​"Campers, what my husband meant ​to say was, if it wasn't for you all, the gods might be no more!"
​Clarisse exchanged looks with Ryker, before hearing a voice behind her speak up.
​"Hi dad!" Leo Valdez yelled, while his brothers and sisters held him up into the air.
​Hephaestus stumbled through the crowd of gods and goddesses, waving, while jumping up and down.
​"HI SON! Guess what?" he called.
​"What?!" Leo asked, their voices echoing across the barren battle ground.
​Hera and Zeus exchanged glances, before clearing their throats, glaring at Leo's father.
​"Sorry.." he said, and he backed up into the crowd again.
​Ryker spoke then.
​     "Lady Hera, what do you mean the gods would be no more?" he called out to her.
​I looked at him, with an impressed look on my face. Even I wouldn’t talk with that old hag. (If you know what I mean.)
"Well," Hera said, "Kronos and his war army were on their way to our hilltop. But, with you all defeating most of the monsters, Kronos would have to reschedule. He would need to heal his monsters again before commencing another attack on Olympus. Well done, Greeks."
​Reyna stood with Chiron, grinning. She spoke to Chiron, but I could make out what the words were saying.
​"I'm impressed." she said.
Clarisse smiled. That is, until her dad came next to Hera's side.
"I am looking for Clarisse La Rue." he called, making the ground rumble underneath her worn out hunting boots. She hesitated, but then stepped forward.
​"I'm right here father. What do you want?"
​He stepped closer. I looked back at Ryker, but he gave me thumbs up. I turned back to my father. He was close enough for me to see the fire in his eyes. Literally.
​"I wanted to say congratulations. You completed your task in the battle, and saved what I hate that I must call a home. Thank you, daughter."
​She kept a straight face, and bowed before him.
​"Thank you, father." she said.
​But inside, she was screaming with excitement. But she wouldn't ever let that happen. Ever.
Ares disappeared into the crowd once more, and started a sissy fight with Aphrodite as the gods and goddesses filed back into their Chariots. Poseidon complained about a parking ticket all the way back, rumor has it.
​    Once all the demigods returned safely back to camp, Ryker and Clarisse decided to celebrate their victory. They walked along the creek that ran through the forest, giving off calm sounds as the water crashed against the few scattered rocks.
​"So... you avoided me because of your dream?" Ryker asked her, the moon reflecting in his eyes.
​She nodded.
​"My father didn't really give me a chance. At first, I obeyed him, thinking it was the right choice. But then I realized something."
​He turned to face her, and smiled warmly at her.
​"And what would that be, lady La Rue?" he asked, his smile forming into a smirk. She exchanged a glance with him.
“You make me happy, Ryker. Don’t ever forget that. Fate chose this.” She said, intertwining her fingers with his.
He smiled at her, and plopped a kiss on her cheek before saying goodnight.
     Clarisse watched him leave, the smile staying on her face. She was left alone sitting in the grass, watching the moon arise from the strawberry fields. Everything felt so perfect then. The breeze was filled with a wonderful scent of the pine trees scattered among the forest, the lake shimmered underneath the light of a rising moon, and even from where she was sitting, she could smell the strawberries ripening on the other side of the lake. She then realized something. Clarisse hadn’t been happy in years. Unless she had won something, or someone she hated had gotten hurt, or even if it was just karma paying her back, that was the only way to make her happy. But even then, that wasn’t true happiness. That wasn’t worth the title of happy. But ever since she had met Ryker, it was a challenge for a smile to leave her face. She never wanted him to leave her, and she had always wanted him to hold her close during some bad times at the Camp. Having him, was better than anything she could ever want. These thoughts made Clarisse lie back down on the grass, and close her eyes, imagining what the future might hold for her.
     Going to sleep was the relaxing part. Waking up? Not so much. Clarisse stretched her arms, before officially waking up, by opening her eyes. Her hand hit something, making a shiver go down her spine. She opened her eyes, and saw Ryker sitting up right next to her, smiling down on her. Clarisse blushed, while she said up, noticing that she had a blanket covering her, only letting her boots be exposed. She looked at him, with a questioning look until he laughed.
“You looked lonely, alright?” he said, still chuckling lightly to himself, but to where she could hear.
She grinned at him. “Let’s go eat breakfast.”
They walked to the Dining Pavilion together, hand in hand. All the other campers were already awake, and dressed, munching away on their breakfast’s. Clarisse brought Ryker over to the Ares table, and they sat down together, eating in silence. Peaceful, huh? Gotcha! Did you really expect the Ares table to be that peaceful? Yeah, didn’t think so. Sherman kept running his mouth, as Clarisse’s sister Amelia dodged some scrambled eggs. Clarisse was just glad that Ryker didn’t mind all of this. He sat there next to her, with a huge smile on his face. Clarisse smiled at him, before finishing her breakfast. A few minutes later, Ryker had gone off to train with his other friends, as so did Clarisse. She grabbed her sword from her cabin, but on her way heading off, someone stopped her. Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, blocked her path.
“Hey, Clarisse. Can you spare a moment of your time please? It’s important.”
Clarisse narrowed her eyes at her, but sighed.
“Hurry it up.”
Annabeth smiled, and pulled a card out of her satchel.
“It’s Percy’s birthday, and me and some other campers were gunna- “
“Don’t care. Remember?” she asked, crossing her arms.
Annabeth sighed, and held out the card, with a pen. Clarisse took the card, and signed her name. Annabeth smiled at her, before jogging off to some other campers. Clarisse picked her sword back up, and joined the rest of her class in sword training.
     When her turn passed, she sat back down on the bench next to Connor and Jake, and some other campers. Jake had been Clarisse’s best friend since she got here, Connor… not so much. But, they were the only friends she could wave at without them thinking she was throwing something at them. Well...most of the time. Sometimes. Maybe a chance of never. Okay, I give up. But their still good friends.
Clarisse took a huge mouthful of her water, before setting it back at her feet. Jake was talking on the phone with his dad, and Connor was filling everyone else’s bags that had been left by the bench area up with silly string. Ah, such amazing friends. Jake grumbled as he put his phone away, which for some reason caught her attention.
“What’s up Jake?” she asked him.
He sighed, looking at her. “My dad says that I can’t go to my school’s National Math Tournament that I’ve attended for four years straight!”
Clarisse’s eyes widened, looking away. “Bummer…” she said.
“Bummer indeed!” Jake exclaimed, “I could’ve won that sucker, no doubt in my mind. Now I’m going to have to give over the title to Cindy Kipper…”
I raised an eyebrow at him. “Who’s Cindy Kipper?”
He frowned. “Only the smartest big mouth in the school. She’s always bragging about her loots, but ever since she entered in this contest, it’s been making me a nervous wreck!”
Clarisse’s name was called before she could respond. She looked up to see Reyna motioning her over to her and Chiron, and some other kid. Clarisse patted Jake’s shoulder before running off to meet them. Chiron and Reyna had a huge smile on their faces, but that kid looked a little nervous. And he should be. Because he looked exactly like Octavian, son of Apollo, that tried to basically destroy my camp. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I punched him.
“Clarisse!” Reyna yelped, helping the kid up.
The kid groaned, holding his nose. “It’s okay Reyna…I think she just punched the snot out of me, that’s all.”
Clarisse looked at Chiron and Reyna expectantly. “How are you both not murdering this jerk yet?!”
“Um, because they have hearts!” the boy yelled, before ducking behind Chiron.
Clarisse growled at him, but Reyna cut her off.
“Clarisse, this isn’t Octavian. Well, at least not the one we know. He was sent here to us…by the gods.”
Clarisse raised an eyebrow, and looked over at ‘Octavian’. He was sitting there, on a rock, in a deep conversation. With a snail.
“That boy?” she said, pointing at ‘Octavian’.
Reyna and Chiron nodded in sync. Clarisse sighed. “Well, why did you want me then?”
Chiron twirled a stick between his fingers.
“Because,” he started, “We were hoping you could show him around?”
Before she could answer, a girl came running beside her.
“I’ll show him around! That’s how I got this badge!” she said, pointing to a sash filled with badges strapped around her shoulder.
I shrugged, and headed off to find Ryker. It was late Fall, so the weather wasn’t the warmest, but it still worked for me. I liked the fall, and winter. Ryker was playing basketball with some of the Nike children. Clarisse went over, and Ryker smiled.
​"Take five, guys." he said.
​"That's only cause you-" one Nike demigod started.
​"-you'll loose!" another one finished.
​They eyed each other, and ran off, side by side. I chuckled when Ryker put the basketball down.
​"What?" he said grinning.
​"I just didn't knew you played basketball." she said, stealing his ball.
​"Hey!" he laughed, chasing her down the hill.
​She laughed, holding the ball in her arms. She sped down the hill, and stopped herself, before she hit the lake.
​Ryker yelped. "INCOMING!"
​They splashed into the water together, both popping their heads out laughing. Clarisse stood from the ice cold water, and ringer out her shirt.
​Percy was laughing from the top of the hill. Clarisse saw him, and glared. Percy waved, and made a heart with the water. Ryker laughed, and went up to the beach once Percy had left.
​"Well, that was fun." Clarisse said, smiling at the moon.
​Ryker looked over at her, and smiled. "Yeah. But I so beat you to the beach."
​She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"
​"Yeah, I did. But you know... you were still pretty good."
​Clarisse narrowed her eyes, but smirked, as she punched his arm.
​"Ow!" he said, and couldn't help laughing.
​He helped her out of the sand. "Come on, its dinner time at the Pavilion."
​She nodded, and began to walk up the hill with him, hand in hand. (Like always.)
​     But, they were stopped by a sudden black figure, who stood at the top of the hill. Clarisse froze.
"What is that?" she asked Ryker quietly.
​He didn't respond. He stood there, staring at the figure. Until it spoke.
​"Ryker Oakley. You are the chosen one my son. Prepare for the future. Visit the oracle. Speak the words unspoken. And above all, praise your mother before you."
​He flinched. "M-mom...?"
​ Clarisse looked between the two.
​This is gunna be a long night...




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