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Message to Readers

This is part of a piece I have been writing on and off for a while. I have a lot more than this, and while try to publish it in parts. I would love feedback in terms of structure and transitions.

Ariethia (part #1)

August 2, 2017


    He looks up from his book, for just a second, but that’s all it takes to fall in love, right? Her nose is in a book, too. One of his favorite, actually. About blood and war, revenge and murder. How could someone so beautiful, love something so dark? He watches as her almost silver eyes dart across the page. Page after page she reads, never looking up, as if she herself is not in the room, but instead transported into the book itself, experiencing the story. That’s what he hopes she feels. He felt that way when he read the book. Slowly, she closes the book, her eyes blink slowly, as if waking up from deep sleep and wonderful dream. She sits for a moment, just staring at the cover, her fingers trace the title, a look of adoration on her face. He smiled, because that’s exactly what he imagined she would do, that’s what he would have done. Although, he doesn’t think he’d look that beautiful doing it. She rose from her chair across the table, a piece of silky black hair fell from her bun. She pushed it behind her ear as she took her book, pushed in her chair and left. The way she walked was unlike anything he’s ever seen before. Graceful, yet fierce, she moved with inhuman like beauty.
    As she walked out of the library, she thought about the boy who sat across from him. He didn’t know, but she noticed him watching her, as most boys did, but he was different. Instead of an sensual look, his was one of admiration, as if appreciating the way she moved and thought. He was beautiful too, she thought. His messy brown hair, the way he pushed up his glasses when they slid down his nose, but mostly his eyes. Green with a gold ring at the edge of his iris, almost unnatural beauty. He was reading a book she’d never heard of, but would now go look for. She had seen him reading the book she holding last week, she couldn’t help but notice how much he divulged into it. And when she began reading it, she couldn’t help but divulge in it too. Why didn’t she say something? She knew he felt the same way she did, so what was the harm in saying hi? Her phone rang, and when she saw who was calling, she remembered why. Why she couldn’t go to the same school he did, why she couldn’t have friends over, why she couldn’t be with him. They were too different, and for the sake of his life, it was better off that way.
    She picked up the phone, “Hello?”
    “Wyn? You need to come back now, the Queen’s asking questions,” said the voice on the other side. Wyn began running.
    He returned to his book, but he couldn’t concentrate. He should have said something, even just a “hello” would have calmed his nerves. But that couldn’t happen, not now, not ever, he reminded himself. He could never be with someone so normal, he wouldn’t want to hide the rest of his life. His phone buzzed in his pocket, he looked the screen, cursing under his breath. Why now? He thought, this always happens at the worst time. He grabbed his stuff and ran out of the library, hailing a cab to take him home.
    When he stepped out of the cab, he waited for it to turn the corner, then he started running. He ran down the block toward an old abandoned building. He slipped inside the door, only to find himself in a wintery forest. Luckily, his t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers had been replaced with boots, hunting pants, and a winter coat. His bag had turned into a bow and arrows. This is how he had to avoided getting caught, everything changes when he steps through that door. The only evidence that remains of the human world was his cell phone, even his book disappeared. It was the only way his father ever let him leave.
    He ran through the forest, snow crunching under his boot, icy wind in his face. Finally, he reached the village. He entered the first cottage to find his father sitting in front of the fireplace, sleeping. When he closes the door, his father jumps awake.
    “Foster? That you?” the father said, the boy’s name was Foster.
    “Yes, it’s me,” Foster responded, looking around the cottage. “Where’s Lucian?” Lucian was Foster’s older brother, and the smartest kid in any of the forest villages. He was just 19 years old and has already been offered a job teaching at the university.
    “Uh… I think he- he said he went hunting,” his father’s voice was just above whisper, knowing what was about to come.
    “HUNTING?! Again! I told you not to let him go alone! How many times do I have to remind you?” Foster was furious. He grabbed his bow and arrow again, slung it across his back, and left without saying another word. The slamming of the door was enough to let his father know where he was going.
    Wyn only needed to run around the corner before she reached the gate. She unlocked the latch, looked behind her to see if anyone was around. Good, she thought, no one in sight. She took a deep breath as she stepped through the gate. Slowly her appearance began to change. Her long black hair fell out of her bun and rested on the small of her back. Her sweatshirt and ripped jeans were replaced by a long silver silk dress, ending right above her now bare feet. Her book left her possession, but she knew she would find it sitting on her bed when she got home. The Glass Bridge was cold under her bare feet, shining on for what seemed like miles.
    Wyn put her hand on her chest and wrapped her fingers around the stone that hung around her neck. It was the only thing to remain the same between the two worlds. The Glass Bridge has always brought her joy to see. Just a long stretch of glimmering glass, surrounded by a black abyss. She remembered the first time she walked the bridge, she was afraid she’d fall off into the darkness that never seemed to end. She always wondered how it glowed, when there was no light around to reflect off of. Now she just walked, at a fast pace, trying to get home as soon as possible. She knew it would be another hour until she arrived, though. She took this time to reconfigure her thoughts.
She was Wyn, princess of Ariethia, daughter of Queen Maurelle and the late King Kellen. Her father passed away when she was just six years old, and her mother has been running the kingdom ever since. The people all loved King Kellen, and mourned for a year after he passed. The queen was just not the same, she did not have the same trust in the people, was not as dedicated as the king had been, nor did she seem to care about their magic, at least not after she lost hers. People say it was because of the grief, losing her true love. Others, more skeptical of the Queen, say she had done something unforgivable, and that was the god's’ punishment for it. The people did not know, however, that Wyn was devoid of magic as well. She remembers once having magic, her most recent memory of her magic was two years before her father’s death. Her parents took her to the human world for the first time. They had taken her to the circus and to see a freak show. She remembers watching the spoon bender, and looking down at her lap where she held a spoon of her own, leftover from her ice cream. She picked it up and tried to bend it like the man on stage did. To her surprise, and those seated around her, the spoon bent, so far that it snapped. There were gasps from the humans seated next to her, but her parents only laughed and took her home.
Wyn finally arrived at the castle, and approaching the stairs to her bedroom, she see’s Eliza, her maid and best friend, who called her earlier.
“Wyn! Thank goodness you’re back!” She exclaimed while embracing her friend in a warm hug. “The queen’s been looking for you. I told her you weren’t feeling well, and have been up in your room all day. She said she wouldn’t bother you, but you know your mother, she’s bound to check in on you sometime.”
“Thank you Eliza. I will go up now and see her.” Wyn ran up the steps and into her room, closing the door softly. She found the book from the library sitting at the foot of her bed, as expected, and quickly tossed it under the bed. Her mother hated the human world and anything to do with it made her very upset. That’s why she must never know of Wyn’s frequent visits there. Wyn jumped under the covers, right before the door opened to reveal the queen. She was dressed in a long dark violet gown, her hair curled and hung down to her waist.
“Hello darling, how are you feeling? Eliza told me you were not well. Should I get a healer?” Despite Queen Maurelle’s lack of love toward the people, Wyn always got sincere love and devotion.
“Not necessary, mother. It was just a headache. I think some fresh air may do me some good,” She hoped to get back out of the castle soon, out of her mother’s view.
“That it may. Do you wish for company? I can make time, if you wish for me to come with.”
“No,” Wyn said with a little too fast. “I mean,” she slowed her words, “no thank you, mother. You must be far too busy.”
“I guess you are right. It has been very busy around here, preparing for the ball and such. I will tell Eliza to prepare your steed,” And with that she left the room. Wyn let out a great sigh.
The ball, she almost forgot about it. She was turning eighteen next week, and her mother was throwing a ball for the whole kingdom to attend. Wyn got out of bed, not bothering to change into riding gear, tucking her book into a satchel and walked down to the stables. There she met Eliza, holding the reigns of her beautiful black stallion, Alvina. She mounted the horse, and after saying a quick goodbye to her friend, rode off toward the forest.


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  • Glytch Montoya

    This is really good! I just have one question: are Foster and Wyn in the same world, just different parts of it? Or did they each step into their own separate world?

    about 3 years ago
  • ollieollie

    This is really interesting. I'm not the biggest fan of fantasy, but I had a lot of fun reading this. Can't wait for the next one!

    about 3 years ago
  • RedWriter

    This is amazing! I love the names and the different sides of the story.

    about 3 years ago