Peer Review by David Levitsky (United States)

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By: Verity Fynn

I want you to put your hand over your heart. Feel the life-giving beat that pulses within you. Now I want you to remember how every single person on this earth has that same life-giving beat inside of them. Isn't it miraculous?

I am going to be honest with you, reader. I am not very good at writing about abstract things like hope or peace or beauty. I think that is a task best left to greater minds than mine. However, I have one tiny piece of a thought that I could contribute to the wonderful and mysterious world of abstract writing, and it is this: you are a miracle. You are important. You are essential. You are loveable. There is Someone out there in the universe that has deemed you so absolutely necessary to the people and things on this earth that They give you every breath that you breathe.

Now, however short that paragraph may be, I feel in my heart that the message of good news it conveys is worth sharing with the world. You are a miracle. Never forget that. :)

Message to Readers

Thanks for reading! Criticism of any kind is appreciated.

Peer Review

How uplifting it is. I smiled and felt good about myself when I read this piece, not something that always happens when I read.

Reviewer Comments

I really don't have much to say. You wrote in an honest and personable tone that filled me with good feelings and happiness. You realized that going into the abstract was hard, and decided to pick out one idea and make it concrete. I hope you continue to write more pieces like this, which will make everyone who chances to read them look introspectively and see the good in themselves. Great work!