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Have We Met Before?

August 23, 2015

I saw you today.

I swear I know that face. The moment you entered the room, I felt something hit me. I froze for a few seconds and suddenly I became teary eyed. The reason for that, I do not know yet. After that, I could not help myself from glancing at you. I did not want to be too obvious but all I really wanted was to stare at you.

I heard you laugh and god, what a lovely sound that was! You smiled at me and my heart just exploded. You talked to me and from then, I was certain that I knew you.

Later today, someone told me about your bad side. Guess what? I found it believable but what came out of my mouth were words that doubted what she said. I defended you even if we were not really that close. It is because I felt that I know you and they may only be misunderstanding you. Also, I know that everyone has a side that can not please everybody. I just feel that I know your heart. I feel the connection. I wonder if you feel it too.

Tonight, I think of you. Why do you have this effect on me? It is not unwanted, but only unexpected.

And it scares me.
No. I am more excited than scared for this adventure.

When our eyes meet again, I am hoping that the feelings I threw to the skies and the stars tonight will reach you. Goodnight to the person who was once a stranger to my eyes but never to my heart.

See you again tomorrow.


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