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Over the past year, I defeated a fear of other people, learned the value of clarity and brevity, fought writer's block, and developed pride in my words.

Now I am a writer with a love for onomatopoeias and an affinity for semicolons.

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July 31, 2017


She sat in silence, her overworked laptop warming her legs. The only sounds were the methodic clicks of her keyboard.
​Her family, oblivious to her struggle, sat in the front room. The sounds from an overplayed and overdone sitcom leaked under her bedroom door, the laugh track going through her ears and poking at her brain.
​She scanned over what she had written. Shaking her head and making an unattractive, frustrated noise, she pounded the backspace key, each click ringing in her ears with disappointment. No, she thought, that's not right. She was faintly aware of a need to go to the bathroom. She ignored it.
​Looking up from her computer, she had to blink a few times to get rid of the glowing rectangle that now appeared before her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself, and gave a slight shiver. When did it get so cold in here? She blindly groped for a nearby blanket, and wrapped it around herself. Flexing her fingers a few times, she rubbed them to warm them back up.
​Then it was back to the abusive pounding of the keyboard.

​Her mother found her asleep the next morning, the black screen of the dead laptop still open.


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