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Over the past year, I defeated a fear of other people, learned the value of clarity and brevity, fought writer's block, and developed pride in my words.

Now I am a writer with a love for onomatopoeias and an affinity for semicolons.

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This is something I wrote a long time ago.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


September 15, 2018


A boy was walking across the darkened sky. It was smooth beneath his bare feet, and cold. So cold. He brushed his pale fingers against each of the stars, each one twinkling at his touch. He said hello to the moon. The moon smiled back. It was full tonight, and its milky white surface glowed with a luminous quality, showering the world below in a soft, silver light.
The boy kept walking.
What he loved to do the most, on these clear nights, was watch the humans. He’d watch the highways, the colorful boxes with the glaring red eyes. Sometimes the colors would crash into each other, and make a loud, terrible noise. He looked away when that happened. He’d scan the horizon for any celebration, and go there instead. For where there was a celebration, there was usually fireworks, which were almost as beautiful as the stars themselves. And among it all were the dreams, floating up and away as the night came to an end.
The boy hated the warmer months. He seemed to get tired so much easier, and often his walks were cut short. The moon was a little more rebellious, and often stayed out a little while after their curfew, but even then he would be banished from the sky a short while later.
It was then, when the little boy was too tired to keep walking and the moon started to fade, that a girl would rise from her slumber. Every morning, she would wake to find him sleeping on her doorstep, exhausted from his wandering. She was stronger than the boy, and would carry him to the opposite horizon, where she knew he belonged. She dragged the sun behind her on a kite string.
The girl knew her purpose. Her job was to deliver the boy back to his home, and be back at hers by the time he woke up. She brought the sun along for company. She would wade through the sea of clouds and trek across the sky. It took up most of her time, but the girl didn’t mind. She grew to like seeing the boy, and would look forward to taking him home. The sun would light the way for her.
Sometimes, when the months grew warmer and the boy slept longer, the girl would get to take her time on the journey back to her door. She would mold the clouds into different shapes, and when there weren’t any to amuse herself with, she would watch the humans, too.
She would watch the dolphins tease them in their boats as light sparkled and danced across the waves. She would laugh along with the young ones as they played their games. She would watch as they climbed the tallest mountains, and celebrate with them when they conquered them. When a human reached that point, the point closest to the sky, she would try to reach down and touch them, her slender fingers inches from their heads. She could never reach them, but that didn’t stop her from trying.
She was always saddened when she saw darkness creeping up from the opposite horizon. She knew that the boy was waking up, and that the darkness would swallow her if she stayed out much longer. So she would hurry back home, the gloom nipping at her heels, and fall asleep, saving her strength for when the light would return.
The boy always wakes up confused, wondering how he ended up where he started. But, he often paid it no mind, and would continue his wandering, same as the day before.
This cycle continued, month after month, year after year, and the boy and the girl never met. The boy, while curious, never questioned it, and the girl was too afraid that if she woke him up, the light from the sun would consume him. They both accepted this fact, and navigated their separate lives normally. That is, until one day, the boy woke up.
It was an uneventful day for the girl. She was walking across the blanket of clouds, and the sun was shedding its golden light on the world below. She had stopped for a second to catch her breath when the boy shifted in her arms. She dropped him and yelped in surprise, as he had remained dead still during all of her other journeys. The clouds caught him, and molded to his shape, but the girl’s mistake was already in motion. The boy woke.
The light was too much for him to bear, and he shrieked in pain. The girl knelt by his side, saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Their cries woke the moon, and he hurried to help his friend. He blocked the sun, and a wave of shadow fell over the sea of clouds. The boy quit his screaming, and the girl her pleading. They looked at the moon, then they looked at each other.
Are you the reason, the boy asked, that I’m home when I wake up? You carry me?
Yes, the girl replied, every day.
They nodded in understanding, and walked the rest of the way together, the sun and the moon in tow.
When they reached the other horizon, the girl’s strength was fading. She knew the darkness would be setting in soon, and that she needed to get back home. She waved goodbye to the boy, and set off on her journey. The boy called after her, and asked when he could see her again. All he got in reply was a soft, warm smile.
Now the girl and the boy are friends. They rarely see each other, but are constantly aware of the other’s existence.
And every great once in awhile, the moon will cover the sun, and the girl and the boy get to see each other again.

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  • nezi_nes

    I read this slowly to savour the images and story. This is just amazing, how you personified day and night into a boy and a girl, and their relationship with each other....just *finger circle

    almost 2 years ago
  • RedWriter

    This is beautiful

    almost 2 years ago