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Hi! I'm Lilly and I love writing and talking to people about their or my work! I also like pancakes, rain and reading :) Any feedback is always appreciative on any of my work, I think my writing style varies quite a bit but I hope you enjoy it!

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I like this piece but not sure where to go with it...


July 30, 2017


Rack your brains and think. You’re in the situation that requires your brain to be at its fastest. But you start to question what you’re even trying to think about. Confused cut-up thoughts wrongly present themselves to be barely considered before collapsing and failing. All you’re trying to do is focus. Focus. Focus. Focus on what? Now you’re focusing on focusing which is the opposite of what you need to focus on.
Your breathing is hitched with your heart inexplicably beating it’s fastest. You can feel the blood surging in your veins, making your hands tremble involuntarily. You hold them down yet the tremble simply travels; travels to your arm forcing your whole shoulder to shudder without will. On top of this you feel your hands tremble, they’re getting clammy. Not sweaty, they’re not giving off visible moisture, but just that feeling of warmth and they stick to everything around you.
You’re still not focusing. You still haven’t retrieved that unknown thought from your head that you need. You still haven’t got control of your breathing or shaking hands.
And the boy is still lying there.
Lying there. He’s limp on the pavement, not a usual place to find someone lying there but you still just are looking at him. You remember it was daytime when you first saw him. Now he is only lit by dim lampposts nearby. Why was he there? Did you know? Think.


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  • Lilly.VB

    Thank you for the kind comments! Not continued it as of yet, still thinking hahaha

    over 1 year ago
  • spearmint

    Is there a continuation on this? It pulls me in, and I want to find out more!

    over 1 year ago
  • RedWriter

    Maybe it could be someone they saw at school a lot? The boy that was noticed but never really noticed? Or maybe they just shared a smile one day. The boy that had the kindness to offer a smile.

    about 3 years ago
  • RedWriter

    This is so intriguing!

    about 3 years ago