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ENJOY EVERYONE! I have been told to start a series with these stories, so get ready for Clarisse and her world of being a demigod, and what the pressure can do to you.
Enjoy, Classic Battle Plan!!!

The Classic Battle Plan- (Clarisse's Story) Part 2

August 2, 2017


     Hands in pockets, Clarisse strolled along the bank of the lake at Camp Half-Blood, accompanied by her new friend Ryker.
​"And that's basically how I got my dads permission for a car." he told her.
​Clarisse laughed, sun setting in the east behind the strawberry fields, almost making her brow hair sparkle. Ryker's tan hair blew into his eyes as the gentle breeze set in. The sun making a long rope of sunshine reflecting in the lake as far as you could see. Clarisse smiled over at him, as he traced a line in the sand with some stick he found when they were walking. He cleared his throat, looking at his stick hit the sand.
​"So... how do you like camp so far?" she asked him, brushing her hair out of her face.
​His eyes darted onto hers.
​"Well, its definitely different from the summer camp I went to last year. I haven't seen any ​macaroni art."
​Clarisse grinned, meeting his eyes.
​They continued walking, the suns heat dying down after it set. Stars shined down on them both, putting a twinkle in each of their eyes.
​"Thank you for the walk. After training today, that was super relaxing." she said.
​He laid his stick on the ground, and smiled at her.
​"Course. The pleasures all mine, Clarisse."
​She couldn't help but to blush.
​He nodded his head to her, giving her a silent farewell. Clarisse turned her back to him, as she walked back into her cabin. Sherman was sitting on his bed, wedeling on a stick with another sharp stick he wedeled the night before. She sat on her bunk, and removed her shoes. She laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts travelled through her mind, but she decided to ignore them. As soon as she laid down, she passed out.
​      In the morning, Clarisse sat at the Ares table along with her siblings. She stabbed her fork into her eggs, sending yoke running all over her toast. She lifted her head up, and looked at the rest of the tables. Everything was calm. At first, she didn't see Ryker. But, then she looked at the table that, until now, no one has sat at in decades. Literally, decades. My eyes widened.
​Ryker was sitting alone at that table. He ate his toast, and caught Clarisse's eye.
​He waved, smiling. She waved back, and exchanged the smile.
​She hid her face as she ate, and the same words kept racing through her mind.
​Ryker. Ryker is a son of Nyx....Ryker is a son of Nyx....
​    Shortly after breakfast, Clarisse sat under a tree on top of the hill that looked over the camp.
​She watched the campers climb over the lava wall. She watched the campers watch Percy show off to Annabeth, and then fail. She watched the campers being forced into the medical bay, just​ because they almost died. Big deal!
​  Her thoughts were interrupted when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around, and took Ryker's wrist, and flipped him over again. Ryker laughed along with her as she helped him up.
​"Wow, I feel bad for everyone else you greet." he said, still laughing.
​Clarisse smirked.
"Hey, your ​not dead!" she said.
​     They sat together on the hill in silence, until Ryker looked over at her.
​", Clarisse?"
​"Yeah?" she asked, turning to him.
"I know you know my godly parent."
​Clarisse dropped her gaze back into her lap, blushing.
"What makes you say that?" she asked him, nervous in her voice.
"Because you didn't talk with me at all today until now." he said chuckling.
She looked back at him.
​"I've met Nyx before."
​    He stared at her for a moment, not knowing how to respond.
"You have?"
She nodded.
​"It was a long time ago, but I have. On a quest."
​He nodded along, as she finished her story.
​"It wasn't the best visit, but it works."
​He smiled at her. "Yeah."
She looked into his eyes. He moved closer to her, not breaking the silence, still gazing upon her eyes. Ryker took her hands, and stood up off the grass with her.
​"Lets go for a walk." he says.
​She smiles, blushing. "Okay."
​     Ryker drives her to the town in his grandpas old car. They walked into town, and stopped at the first food shack that came into sight. They shared stories over their late dinner, as the sky grew darker and darker every second.
​Ryker laughed. "Wow, even my ​dad isn't that strict!"
​Clarisse grinned as she took another bite of her steak.

​"Excuse me, Mrs. La Rue." the teacher said, leaning back into her chair.
​Clarisse snapped out of the daze of her story. "Yeah?"
​"I'm not seeing how you almost got expelled for this... could you please fast forward?"
​Clarisse groaned, but did as she was told.

By then, Clarisse and Ryker were dating. They went on quests together, AND they even battled with swords together on the lake front in Camp Half Blood. Weeks and weeks went by...until something tragic happened. Read with cautions, fellow demigods.
​    Clarisse splashed him with water as they ran in the lake. Ryker splashed her also, laughing.
​In the distance:
Percy: ...
​Annabeth: ...
​Sherman: ...
​Piper: ...
Jason: ...
​Leo: COOL!!
​Everyone: *slowly looks at Leo*
​ Okay, okay. But it happened!
​Anyways, eventually Ryker tripped on something underwater, and fell onto his gluteus Maximus. Clarisse was laughing, that it, until he pulled her in on top of him. She screamed, and fell right next to him. He smiled at her.
​"Hi beautiful." he simply said.
​Clarisse glared at him, but couldn't help but to smile.
​   Without another breath, the conch horn blew. They stood up, and dried off their clothes with a towel. They went walking with the other campers to see what the horn was all about. They anxiously held each other as Chiron gathered everyone up in the front of the camp.  
​"Again, sorry for interrupting fellow campers." he said, not showing his calm face, as he usually did.
​Clarisse saw a wave of darkness pass over his face before he began again.
​     "I would like you all to give a warm welcome, to Praetor of Camp Jupiter, from New Rome."
​The next second, Reyna Allerano walked through the entrance of the camp. A chill went down my spine as she came further in. She had her sword in hand, which wasn't helping the trust for her grow. Ryker squeezed my hand, making my frown disappear.
​"Hello Greeks. Some of you have meet me from our last visit, but if not, my name is Reyna. But, hopefully you can address me as Praetor Re-"
​Before she could finish her sentence, Leo Valdez started jumping up and down in the crowd.
​"Hi Reyna! Remember me, Reyna?! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!" he chanted.
​It didn't end until his girlfriend, Calypso smacked his arm, and he died down, staring at the ground.
​Reyna rolled her eyes before continuing.
​"I wish I came to see you all with good news, but unfortunately, it is not. I-" she hesitated, "I got word that there is going to be a battle in downtown Manhattan from my fellow falcons, aka 'spies'. The battle is lead by some of Kronos's most powerful threats. But, they aren't the only things we have to worry about. Later tonight, Chiron will discuss it with you. Usually, I would offer my roman skills and assistance for a battle so huge... but I am afraid Chiron has forbid me to do so. This is the time for you Greeks to show me what you really have in you. I believe in you."
​Chiron leaned over her shoulder, and whispered something I could make out.
​" 'A word, Praetor?' "
​She nodded, and Chiron dismissed us as they headed into the bug house.

​     "A battle? Seriously?" Ryker asked me as I sharpened my sword on my bunk in the Ares cabin.
​I nodded.
​"If your a demigod, I wouldn't be to surprised. But, I like battles. Their kind of my jam, if you know what I mean."
"I'm afraid I do."
​I laid down my sword on the bed, and looked at him.
​"You know, being a daughter of Ares, doesn't include being nice. But I can tell somethings wrong. And I love you, so just tell me, and maybe I can help."
​He looked at me, smirking.
"You love me?"
​Clarisse punched his shoulder playfully. Ryker held his hand up in the air for defeat.
​"Okay, Okay!" he chuckled.
​"Well? What's wrong?" she asked him, turning to face him.
​"Well, I haven't ever met my godly parent before. And I also haven't been in a huge battle before, either. I just was afraid that I wouldn't get enough training, fail miserably in the fight, and not prove myself worthy to my mom.."
​Clarisse put her hand on his.
​"Ryker, so what if you haven't been in a battle before? You still have killed a monster, and that was before you even KNEW you were a demigod! And if Nyx doesn't believe in you for some retarded reason, know that I will always ​believe in you. Always and forever."
​He smiles at you, before leaning over and kissing your forehead.
​"Thanks, Clarisse."
​"No prob Ryker."
​       That night, Clarisse had a strange dream. But hey, what else is new? She was standing at the entrance of the camp, but was turned in the opposite direction, facing the forest. She looked to her side, and saw her father.
​"Hello Clarisse. Long time no chat."
​     Before she knew it, they were walking side by side through the forest.
"Why are you here? And why for me?" she asked him.
He scoffed. "Indeed I am here for you, but do you really think that I'm going to miss out on a battle!?"
​Clarisse smirked. "Guess not, father. But... why are you here for me then?"
​"Because I have been watching your progress. You've become soft, Clarisse. Everyone will look at you, and treat you differently. Prove to them, that the fire hasn't burned out." he blurted out.
​She stopped walking, and turned to him. "What're you saying?"
He sighed, and turned to me.
​"Look, here's what I'm saying. Ever since you met that Road boy--"
​"Its Ryker."
​"-Whatever," he continued," You cant stop smiling! I don't know what's wrong with your face, but every time your with him, your cheeks looks like someone slapped you over and over, and you keep smiling."
​Her gaze fell to her feet.
​"Father, ever since mom died, I was so upset all the time. I never had anything ​to look forward to, and I never had ​anything​ to smile about. But when Ryker's with me... it makes me feel happy. And it makes me feel like I actually mean something to the world, and I really like him! But I don--are you even listening?!"
​Ares was leaning against a tree they had stopped by, and arguing with someone on the phone.
​"No, your stupid, you butt face! No! Please don't tell dad....YOU JERK!" he yelled, and his phone crumbled in his hand. He turned to her, and froze.
​"Come again?"
​Clarisse growled. Ares sighed, and came over to her again.
​"I'm saying you have to forget about him. He's a bad influence. You do mean something-blah blah blah...understand?"
​Clarisse hadn't cried in six years, seven days, and eight hours. But she felt like she was going to loose someone she loved all over again. She nodded her head slowly.
​"Understood.." she muttered.
   Before she blinked, she awoke in her bed. Sherman stopped shaking her shoulder, and stood up off the floor.
​"Clarisse, its time for training. The battle starts in-" he checked his watch, "Eight hours."
​She nodded, and got ready for her training. She walked to the sword training class, and sat on the bench next to others who were waiting for their turn. Ryker was in the distance waving, but she kept her head down, refusing to look at him. His smile faded, but his buddy from the Nyx cabin ran by him, and patted his shoulder, and they ran off together. He looked back. But she kept her head down.
​    Once it was Clarisse's turn, Sherman had volunteered to train against her. She got her sword ready, and so did he.
​"Ready to get beat little sis?" he said, in a squeaky, baby tone.
​She glared at him, and swiped her sword across his cheek.
​"I hope you practiced, big brother." she said, in a mocking tone.
​He laughed, while smirking.
​"There's my Clarisse."
​     They trained that entire afternoon, until there was only three hours left until the battle. By then, everyone was already strapping on their armor. Clarisse was walking towards the front of the camp to meet up with the rest of the Ares cabin, when she bumped into Percy.
​"Hey!" she yelped, regaining her balance.
​Percy held his head, and looked at her. He smiled at her, and patted her shoulder, before walking away. She raised an eyebrow, and watched him leave. ​What just happened? Why isn't he cowering in fear? Huh....
​She passed a bunch of campers, who all gave her warm smiles. She walked faster, until Leo Valdez ran into her.
​"Valdez!" she yelled.
​He grinned at her, and shot her gun fingers while he make a clicking sound with his tongue. Then, he skipped off. This made Clarisse so angry, but why the hades was everyone being to nice to her?!
​Just then, she remembered what her father had said in her dream.
​"You have gone soft, Clarisse. Everyone will look at you, and treat you differently. Prove to them, that the fire hasn't burned out."
​She sighed, and did what had to be done. She walked straight up to Percy Jackson, with a snarl.
​"Oh, hi Claris-"
​She cut him off, by simply giving him her death stare. Percy backed away, and started to run.
​Clarisse fist pumped the air, and rubbed her knuckles on her shirt.
​"Still got it." she told herself, before joining the rest of the campers at the gate.

For you guys to have the BEST enjoyment, I would listen to:
"Nothing Left To Say" by Imagine Dragons when it gets to the talk with Ares and Clarisse, especially the end of the song at that part is just a-mazing
​Well, that's my input.
​Please enjoy, The Classic Battle Plan :)!!


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