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I feel sorry for the moon, how it is being slowly taken. Did you?

Ruined, Wasted, and Broken

August 20, 2015

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases

1. In the beginning, you were whole. Whole because there was nothing there to break you apart.
2. But there was something. Something there. Invisble, inevitable, there. Something that hurt you. Something that ripped a part of your beatiful self till it faded. 
3. It came agian. Ripped you and hurt you. I'm sorry. I am. I could've done something, but I couldn't. It broke you.
4. With a pull it took a piece of you as if you were a old sock with thread sticking out, waiting to be pulled.  Was it love, moon? Do you love so much you let things, horrible things, happen to you? All in the name of love?
5. A sad love. A love that breaks your soul. Love is wonderful but horrible. It feels wonderful, but it hurts you. It hurts but yet you can't get enough of the warm kisses and the tight hugs. It's fulfilling but makes you feel empty, until you actually are empty. 
6. I can't see you. I can't see the part of you I love. The parts I'd give anything for. It's all gone. It was taken wasn't it? Ruined, wasted and broken.
7. You're almost done. One more day and you no longer must suffer. Suffering is worse than ending. One more day. Can you hear the stars sing?
8. In the beginning, you were whole. Whole because there was something waiting to break you apart. 


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  • casamiento

    I totally do, FantasyWriter

    about 3 years ago
  • FantasyWriter

    I speak randomness do you speak my language?

    about 3 years ago
  • FantasyWriter

    I feel bad for the moon especially after the "kill the moon" episode on season 8 of doctor who
    River song : * spoilers*
    Me : RLY NOW'S THE BEST TIME TO SAY......well....it makes sense ....BUT DAT PLOT TWIST DOE WITH RIVER SONG °\°

    about 3 years ago