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U.S. Education

May 25, 2014

Coming from a private school, which holds extremely high standards for academics, I was shocked to learn that there were middle school students in a public school at a nearby city that were reading Clifford books, when I was already devouring works of Tolkien, Shakespeare, and Virgil. Another moment I remember from ages ago, was when I was in fifth grade. My fellow friends were discussing how to multiply fractions to whole numbers, while I had was already reviewing the quadratic equation concepts at my school. I agree that my attitude should have embodied more humility, rather than disdain, but to this day, I still think that the education in the United States should be more education-centered, and set higher standards for children.

First, I will describe how my change will affect the future generation of students and children. Education isn't the key to everything, but it does hold certain importance in the future of ones life. It will enable you with a decent job, which will be used to support your family; that is easily enough said. But this rigorous academic experience will also prepare you for your future.It develops life-long skills that are necessary- habits, especially. With a tight school schedule, you are forced to utilize time management skills, diligence, and participation (asking questions in class, taking risks, etc.). These are all necessary for work in the future, for example: at work, you are expected to meet a deadline in completing a project. You will have to be able to spread the work out evenly, put your effort into it, and taking risks in trying out new ways to complete it. As you can see, having a hard academic schedule will equip you with knowledge and life-long habits worth practising.

Sometimes, the block to a path of better education is money. But I have limitless financial capital at my disposal, which will go towards valuable teachers who really care about students, environmentally learning-directed classrooms/facilities, and make quality education free for the poor, who truly deserve more than what they receive. There are many homeless children who have the potential for success in life, but do not have opportunities because of their poverty. Another area I would like to address is a student's attitude toward a new, demanding type of school. There is usually a reason for which this hatred is directed at, whether it may be laziness, particular students, particular teachers, or difficult classes. All of us have a bit of these in us, but the most important action is how to react and fix the problem. It is to develop good habits, employ teachers who care, and create an environment that is challenging, yet form the character of a student to be able to accept this challenge. After this new school system has transitioned through the hard times of change, I believe that the next generation will be able to adapt to it more easily.

One of the key components to success and happiness in the classroom is the teacher. It is the teacher who deals with the students- academically and socially. It is up to the teacher to decide how to interact with the students: how to present them with challenges yet creating a comforting setting in which they can learn without the typical embarrassments with answering a question wrong or not understanding a concept being taught. There are two main qualities teachers need: the joy of teaching and the ability to interact with children well. I will first focus on the "joy of teaching". Today, I see many teachers, especially as you grow older, not caring about their students. Ignorant to their questions, not addressing their problems in a correct way. This will become a detriment to schooling, because a myriad of the students will end up getting an A on a subject, but not understanding it at all! Secondly, interaction with children. From my experience, they will either say "Keep it up!" when you are doing poorly at school, or else say "Practice makes perfect, put more effort into it." when you're trying your absolute hardest but is still getting a C in the class. Our country needs teachers who are willing to listen to what students have to say, and maintain a perfect balance needed for learning effectively.

With these arguments, I believe that action needs to be taken on the current situation of the education in the U.S.- to empower future generations with life-long habits and knowledge, leading them onto the road of success.

I am terribly sorry if I have offended or insulted anyone, especially teachers or students,in this essay. This passage is merely reflecting suggestions upon the improvement of the schooling system, not to criticize it. I respect your opinions, how different they might be from mine.


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