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Message to Readers

Did it make you think? Did you have to read lines over and over again? I did. I wrote this because, in the long run, we really don't know ending the way we think we do.

The End of Endings

August 20, 2015

PROMPT: The Unknown

I don't know true love or true sorrow. I know after love follows sorrow. I don't know how people in love can stay in love when someone else comes along.
I don't know true pain and joy. I know that after joy follows pain. I don't know how people can enjoy the happiness if they know everything ends. 
I do know horrible feelings come after the greatest of feelings. I don't know why. 
It's not that I don't know love or pain or joy or sorrow. I don't know why those feelings are the way they are. Why must the most terrible things happen after the most lovely? Why must things end? 
Endings. Everyone knows they are inveitable. But why? The universe doesn't end. Why do we end? Why do our lives and feelings and thoughts end? 
Do things ever really end? Does the happiness you felt when you saw your best friend for your birthday when she said she might not come end? YOu still feel the happiness, so it doesnt end. Right? But then, you stop thinking about the happiness and think of the sorrow of losing your dog. So it ends then, right? 
Do things ever end. This ends. It was inevitable for this thought to end. Everything ends, right? I don't know endings, but I know this; The End. 

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