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Kat Sparks

United States

An almost-adult from snow and sun country. Doesn't feel like growing up anytime soon or staying the same age forever, though.

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Insanity is just another word for 'eccentric genius'. A saying that I live by which lets me write as much in whatever genre I want however I want to.

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August 20, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes

Three flaws:
1. My impatience (because, no, that is not fast enough, now hurry up so I can get on with my life, please and thank you)
2. My tendency not to give a lot of support to my own ideas but instead, to others (because my idea was probably not the best option anyways, oh well)
3.  My cross between procrastination and perfection (because that is a horrific, nightmarish combination if nothing else)

Three quirks
1. I hate showing my teeth. At any time. Whether I'm smiling or eating, there will be no hint of my canines, let alone a glimpse of my molars.
2. When I am thinking of a specific character in a story that I like, I will subconsciously act like I think that they would. You know, Rose would smirk at this line in the book, Alice would rub her temples if someone said that; things like that.
3. I will eat lettuce in a salad but nowhere else. Except for hamburgers. Sometimes. On the very rare occasion.

Three beliefs I have
1. There is something, someone up there, looking down at us
1a. Even if I have no leads on who or what it/he/she/they is/are
1b. Because there has to be something
1c. Because there can't be nothing
2. Food should taste good. That is it. End of the argument. No rebutals, no concessions.
3. You should savor and treasure what makes you happy. No ifs, ands, or buts.


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