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July 29, 2017


      Clarisse tapped her finger nervously on her binder while waiting patiently in the halls for her teacher to return to her from the classroom. She swept some hair out of her eyes, and looked down at the front of her binder at a picture she had drawn. It was her favorite animal, the Griffin. She ran her thumb across the photo, as a smile formed on her face. Breaking the silence, her teacher came out of the class room, arms crossed, with a frown spreaded across her face. Clarisse cleared her throat, and stood up off of the floor.
​"Whatever it is, I did it." She said, trying to hide her smirk.
​The teacher heaved a sigh, before replying.
"I know."
​Clarisse looked her in the eyes.
​"So, are you going to expel me, or...what?"
​"I am not going to expel you yet."
​Clarisse frowned.
​"-But I do want to know your side of the story."
​Clarisse grinned widely.
​"You might wanna pull up a chair for this one..."

5 hours earlier.....

​"Alright everyone, take a knee!"
​All of the Ares cabin did so, because they had already had a preview of Reyna's mood today.
​Clarisse nudged her brother, Sherman Yang, in the side as they squatted in the dirt, listening to Reyna's instruction's.
​"Why is she at Camp Half Blood again?" she whispered.
​"Because that moron, Percy Johnson thought it was the right thing to do."
​Sherman's side got bumped again, and Percy popped his head out from beside him, panting.
​"Its, Jackson."
​Sherman was about ready to punch him, until Reyna called Percy's name.
​"Percy! Why are you in the Ares squad?!" she snapped.
Percy tried for a smile.
​"Delivering a message, Sir. I mean Ma'am! Ma'am!"
​Reyna scowled, but continued giving instructions for the game.
​"What message?" Clarisse asked.
​Percy turned to face her in the dirt. "It's for you. Chiron say's your being picked up."
​Clarisse sighed, and stood up.
​"Permission to be excused, Praetor?"
​Reyna nodded, then continued.
​Clarisse grabbed her bag, and her dagger before heading off to the big house to meet with Chiron.
       Chiron was waiting by the front of the camp, outside the big house. Clarisse slung her bag off her shoulder, and by her feet. Talks with Chiron weren't really smooth, so she didn't want to 'accidently' throw her bag at him...again.​ Chiron crossed his arms, and a smile crept across his lips.
​"Am I in trouble?" She asked, frowning. As usual.
​"Surprisingly, no. Today is your first day of college. Your step-father didn't want you to miss out on it."
​"Oh..Okay then." She said, before walking out to meet her step-father in the car.
​The car still looked the same. Unfortunately. The brown pain was still old, and peeling off, and one of the tires was flat. I got into the front seat, and shut the door.
​"Hey, La Rue Rue! How are you?"
​I sighed, blushing a little.
​"You haven't called me that since I was nine, step-dad."
​He chuckled, and began to drive down the road. When we arrived, a chill went down Clarisse's spine.
​She waved goodbye to her step-dad, and walked inside the building. As soon as she was in the classroom, a paper ball hit her back as she sat down. She restrained herself, and sat down, getting her books out of her bag.
​"Hey new girl, do you have a pencil?" asks a boy sitting beside her.
​"If I did, it wouldn't be in your hand." she said gritting her teeth.
​The boy bit his lip, and hid himself in his book.
Clarisse rolled her eyes, and continued flipping through her books. Eventually, another ball hit her head. She turned around in her chair, and glared at the boy in the back with his hood covering his head, a huge smirk on his face. Clarisse pulled out a ruler, and chucked it at his head.
​"Ow!" the boy mouthed.
​He also mouthed a few other things, but we can move past that...okay? Cool.
​Clarisse chuckled quietly to herself, and turned back around. The teacher was staring right at her.
​Clarisse sighed, and raised her hand.
"Yes?" the teacher asked her.
​"Hall pass?" she asked guilt fully.
​The teacher narrowed her eyes, but gave her one. Clarisse went out into her hallway, and stopped outside the bathrooms.
​She knelt on her knee, and rummaged through her book-bag. She, thinking it was her graph for math class, pulled out an old photo.
It was her father.
​Memory's started flooding in through her mind, but she tried her hardest to block them. The day her father was killed, was the last day she had ever cried. She wanted to keep it like that.
​Before she could put it back, the boy that asked her for a pencil was standing before her. She quickly tucked the photo in her bag, before turning to him.
​"What do you want?" she snapped.
The boy grinned.
​"That boy got suspended. Before you arrived, he had caused some more trouble in the teachers lounge. Thought that you'd like to know."
​Clarisse hid her smile, but her blush couldn't be contained on such short notice.
"Well, what do you want? A thank you?" she asked, crossing her arms.
​The boy shrugged, and smiled.
​"Wouldn't help. But, I feel like I should introduce myself. I'm Ryker." he held out his hand.
​Clarisse rolled her eyes, but shook his hand. "Clarisse."
​"Nice name." he said.
​"Not to bad yourself."
​Before they could say anything else, the principal came walking into the hall.
​"What are you people doing out here? Your supposed to be eating your lunch!" she said sternly
​"And what if we're not hungry?" Clarisse asked, failing to hide her sassiness.
​The principals eyes turned from dark brown, to light red.
​"Then we're going to have a problem." she replied.
​"Get down!" Clarisse yelled, pushing herself, and Ryker onto the hall floor.
​The principal threw a dagger from her hand, missing as they hit the floor. Ryker's face basically explained how he was feeling at the moment. But, he took Clarisse's dagger from her hand.
​"Hey!" she yelled.
​"I got this..." he muttered to himself.
​He threw the dagger at the teacher, making her dissolve into smoke.
A million thoughts were going through her head, but she really​ wanted to punch that boy. No one fights Clarisse's battles! NO ONE!
​Ryker looked at Clarisse, and handed her the dagger. "Thanks for letting me borrow that missy."
"Where the crap did you learn to do that?" She asked, eager to know.
​He looked around the hall, checking for eavesdroppers. Once he saw they were the only ones in the hall, he pulled up his shirt sleeve, revealing the roman tattoo that Clarisse's half-friend has, along with Reyna.
​"I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but your cool. It wouldn't hurt to tell a smart, pretty girl." he said.
​Clarisse raised an eyebrow, blushing.
​"Hold it there, Peter Piper. Did you just call me pretty?"
​This time, Ryker blushed, but also let out a small laugh.
​Before either could exchange another word, a familiar face came into view. The bully that got expelled was walking down the hall towards the exit, his backpack slung over shoulder. Clarisse looked at him before he left. The boy rolled his eyes, walking out the door. Ryker cleared his throat.
​"Well, I better get back to class before I become him. You coming?" he asked.
​Clarisse shrugged.
​"I think I'm gunna head back....home. I'm gunna go back home."
​Ryker nodded, smiling. He held out his hand, standing up, and helped her up also.
Clarisse had a weak smile as she got to her feet.
​Ryker smiled at her, until they realized they were still holding each other's hands. Clarisse put her hand in her back pocket, blushing.
​Ryker grabbed his sunglasses that fell onto the floor during the floor. He put them on, failing to show his bright green eyes. Clarisse almost felt sad. As he turned to walk down the hall, Clarisse stopped him.
​"Hey." she said.
He turned around, and looked at her.
​"Thanks. For saving me back there." she said, failing to hide a smile.
​He smiled.
​"The pleasures all mine, Clarisse."
​He walked farther down the hall, and disappeared into the classroom.
​Clarisse heaved a sigh, and grabbed her bags, making her way out of the school building.
​     Clarisse hopped out of her stepdad's car, and walked into the entrance of camp, hiding her face in her baseball cap. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough of a disguise. Marty, the son of Demeter, ran up to her, concern covering his face.
​"Where have you been?!" he asked her.
​"What do you mean where have I been?" she asked urgently.
​He raised an eyebrow.
​"Rumors have been going around, saying that you got kicked out of the camp!" he exclaimed.
​Before saying anything, she stormed off to cabin 3.
​She knocked on the door with her fist. Percy opened the door, stepping backwards an inch when he saw her.
"Hey Clarisse, glad your back."
​Her eye twitched. Without double thinking it, she slapped him. Hard.
​Percy remained still, only his eyes screamed of pain as they stared at her.
​"Hello to you to.." he said slowly, rubbing his cheek.
​"Why the hades did you spread rumors of me getting kicked out of camp, Jackson!?" she yelled.
​She raised her fist to his face, but Percy quickly slammed the door. All you could hear was Percy's heavy breathing, and almost 30 locks clicking on the inside of the door.
​Clarisse sighed, heading to her cabin. As she reached the door, a conch horn blew, sending a sound all over the camp. She, along many other campers, went to see what was up.
​     Once all of the campers were gathered into a group, Chiron clipity-clopped into sight.
​"So sorry to disturb your time, fellow students. But, we have a new demigod amongst us."
​Clarisse rolled her eyes. ​Fantastic. Now their going to get the wrong impression of me just because of that stupid rumor- oh wait a second. I don't have feelings for campers anyway....huh. This makes everything way easier now. Thanks, hatred in my heart. You've saved me again.
​But then, Chiron clapped the new camper on the back.
​That camper, was Ryker.
​I hate you heart.
​Ryker smiled at the campers, and stopped looking around once he spot Clarisse.
​Clarisse gulped, and she turned to walk away. Campers scattered all over the camp once everyone had met Ryker. Ryker squeezed through the crowd, and grabbed Clarisse's shoulder.
​Without knowing it was him, Clarisse took his arm, and flipped him onto his back.
​"Agh.." he squeaked out.
​Clarisse took his hand, and helped him up, redder than an apple.
​"I-I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." she spat out.
​He chuckled. "That's fine. So... your a demigod?"
​She nodded. "Who is your parent?" she asked him.
He fell silent.
​"It's okay. You don't have to tell me now if you don't want to."
​He smiled at her. Clarisse smiled back. For some odd reason, she couldn't look away from his eyes. He moved closer to her. Before another movement, the conch horn blew.
​Clarisse pulled back, her heart racing.
​Ryker was super red, but still looked at her.
​"What does that one mean now? Another new camper?" he asked, raising and eyebrow at her.
​"No, I'm afraid not. It means we're under attack. Come on, I'll show you to your weapon choices."



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  • BlueWriter

    Wow! Thanks a million! I was going back and re-reading today and stumbled onto this. I will write more, and thanks for reading!!

    about 1 year ago
  • New York_dreamer

    This is very well written! I feel like you could write a pretty good novel or two ;) Keep writing! :)

    about 1 year ago
  • CreativeAngel

    I love this i'm reading every single one! KEEP WRITING PLEASE!!!

    almost 3 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    I love this i'm reading every single one! KEEP WRITING PLEASE!!!

    almost 3 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    Thank you!

    over 3 years ago
  • Victoria Penning

    Wow! I don't usually like fan fiction, but this made me repeat 'hold on' to my sister for a while. XD Well done! :D

    over 3 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    oh, by the way, in part two, she explains how she almost got expelled by her teacher. Like and comment, and part two will be out shortly! Have a good day, evening, or night. Depending on where ever the heck you are!! :)

    over 3 years ago