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--RosieOnTheRun (from reality)--

United Kingdom

What am I meant to say here? That I'm an inspirational young writer wanting to share her talent with the world? Coz no. That's not me. I'm just a insignificant, invisible, voice. Trying to write in a pool of fears, and hoping the ink won't smudge.

So we could all stand as one

September 2, 2017

I wish magic existed.
the kind of magic that brings people together.
I wish I could walk in to a room full of strangers and know they were just undiscovered friends.
I wish I could smile at someone, and they would smile back.
I wish the world would sing together, even if we're all out of tune.
I wish every whisper behind my back was someone planing a surprise.
I wish magic was real, that we could all be as one.


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