Dewayne Green

United States

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a poet. A social activist. A student. A friend.

Message to Readers

This poem is about social change, and how anyone can be able to change the world with their words. I hope you like this body of work. Give any feedback you want.

What If.

August 19, 2015


What If.
There was such thing as paradise
A place where I can share my ideas of art
And that I can’t be criticized of my thoughts that have been conceived
In my mind and regurgitated into the negative air.
What if.
I can change the world with my ideas.
If I can change people’s opinions of what visuals they see through their eyes
What if.
I was forced to become a living product of society
Being a doll with no emotion and controlled by strings tied to my arms and legs
What if I.
Prevent society on creating an image
An image that rapes ones race, culture, and religion
What if we.
Can change the world.
One heartbeat.
One breath.
One step.
At a time. 


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