Mr. Raccoon! Mr. Raccoon!
Can't you play with me somehow?
No, I am eating dinner now.

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Any feedback is welcomed to this piece. Yes, I know I didn't use punctuation in the sentences

Takeacake in 3rds

August 21, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes

Three sources of comfort
            i. The resonance of well-tuned drum skins
ii. The clinging of a girl to my arm
  b. our relationship doesn't matter
                    iii. The idle gargling of my baby niece

Three beliefs
i. People should embrace their natural looks
      b. your body is a beautiful temple
     ii. Food is precious
      b. compliment the chef
        c. try not to be wasteful
iii. Lives are precious
    b. even those of the pest eating my garden cabbages

    Three unknown qualities
            i. 87% of my humor is custom to whom I'm talking to
                b. unconsciously keeping tabs of what is effective for laughter
       ii. I have vivid dreams most nights
            b. sometimes it's lucid, nightmareish, or pleasant, but usually odd
    iii. My head is a bed of spirals 
             b. a result of skewball thoughts

Three sources of melancholy
i. The change from summer solstice to winter solstice
ii. Accidentally losing my pick-comb
          b. because my spirals defy definite shape
                  c. I feel incomplete without it
  iii. The death of the innocent
            b. the offerings my cat leaves out for me to have
                    c. unfortunate children

Three disagreements
i. Men are superior to women
ii. Words have no power
iii. Love cannot conquer all

Three Flaws
i. Overly analytical
ii. Trouble returning "I love you"s to loved ones
        b. Why is this so hard
            c. Just say it
iii. Being consistently absent-minded
        b. Earth to space cadet 
            c. sorry for spacing out, again


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