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Not meant to offend anybody! Just wanted it to be humorous (I hope it is, otherwise it would be quite embarrassing.) Like only if you really like it!

10 Things your parents (secretly) wish were true.

July 22, 2017

1. That you can still beat that topper academically, what's-his-name-again? The-one-whose-mother-gloats-so-much-that-my-ears-bleed, and the-one-who-wears-oily-spectacles. Because you totally have the potential but haven't used it. Yet.

2. That one day they receive a call from the headmistress that you, wait for it... have heroically and magically and impossibly (and incredibly) saved a younger pupil from a car accident, and make the headlines in the town newspaper.

3. That one day, you suddenly discover your 'one true talent' and quickly hit the nationals in that field, so that your mother can finally tell the neighbours that you have gone for practice and not fooling around. (and can accidentally add the dimensions of your trophy).

4. That one day, you are finally realise that you are doing nothing with your life (except watching Netflix) and are determined to make up for that entrance exam.

5. That you are some day, recognized for the true prodigy you are and finally sent to college early.

6. That you realise that the guy next door isn't um, good-looking (for lack of better words) and he just plays sports all day. Who even does that?

7. That you dismantle/burn/throw-it-down-thirty-stories your phone/laptop/tablet and earphones and all the posters in your room and tell them, 'Mom, dad, I am going to study."

8. That you finally put that book down and pick up the correct one because no wand/sword/hero/love/magic/faction/God can save you when you fail.

9. That you offer to buy groceries, do the dishes, keep you shoes neatly, do the laundry, make your room every single day and not just on Mother's day.

10. That you wish them good morning and not ever, ever answer them back so that they can finally prove it to their parents that they can 'handle' you and know how to bring up a child. (Because in their day, your grandparents must have told them, "You will realise when you have your kids.")



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  • Vanilla

    Thanks! Good to know that I am not alone :)

    about 3 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Haha! I love #7. ;)

    about 3 years ago