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Zack Rocklin-Waltch

United States

Hi! I'm Zack. I'm 16. A junior. An actor. A singer. And most relevantly, a writer. I do my best.

Message to Readers

Word substitutions for words that don't fit, rhythm help, and anything else that just doesn't work would be awesome feedback! Thanks so much!

The Scream(er)

August 18, 2015

Loud pierces soft. Frantic cuts through mild.
The world around sits and the waking mind goes wild.
Of a time far, far from here,
past the rocking sea and burning sky
to a place where there's no need to cry.
Screaming. Dreaming.
Dreaming while locked
with key and latch.
The cry may soften, the throat may catch.
And the feelings of desolation trap.
As the footsteps tap
Like a knuckle's rap
And a scream.
Like desperate effort, a futile attempt
In a world that's all full of contempt.
And just down the bridge, people repent
For ignoring a man who is screaming.
Who is seeming.
Who is dreaming.
And the future that is gleaming
just out of reach,
Maybe lost on the distant beach
Or in the air
And the people can't care
And he can't share
And it rips a tear
In the burning sky and rocking sea
Because how could you let this be
When the screamer who you see
Could be you or could be me? 



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