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I Wish 15 Things Could Happen.

By: Natashia Grace

I wish we were equal.
I wish we all knew love.
I wish the word perfect didn't exist.
I wish we threw away the labels.
I wish there was a drop of certainty in life.
I wish I could know everyone on this planet and understand why they did what they've done.
I wish I could hug the Earth and tell it to keep going.
I wish I could see more smiles on my walk to school.
I wish I wouldn't judge so easily.
I wish we forgave.
I wish I could control my mind.
I wish I could help.
I wish I could tell them that it was going to be ok.
I wish I could give them courage and maybe receive some too.
I wish I had better handwriting.


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I hardly have words but I'm going to force them out. This list was amazing and stood for every single thing that I stand for. The way you throw all of this out there is absolutely fabulous. Your last one "I wish I had better handwriting" does add a sort of humour to this piece but I will also say, it kind of takes away from it. All of this serious stuff and then you say that. There's nothing wrong with it per say but it does take away from the other things. If you could instead say a more serious thing that affects the world that would be better in my opinion. Though who said that bad handwriting doesn't affect the whole world.....